5 famous [human] kind people

by elise wallace

Our most recent limited edition bandana release was last week. The ‘humankind’ bandana comes in two colors, pool [blue] and maize [gold]. The edges are lined with words about who we are as people: we are brave, we are all connected, we are all human. It’s a reminder that despite all our differences and difficulties, we are bonded by deeper connections. 

In honor of this limited edition bandana, we are profiling people that exhibit a deep, and selfless kindness towards their fellow humans. The five people below are famous, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten the everyday hero. Our lives are more often changed by unknown acts of kindness. Remember, you can always be a source of kindness to others. 



Malala was born in 1997 in Pakistan, a country where it is very difficult to be a girl. Her father was a teacher at a girls’ school and he educated Malala until the age of 11. Then the Taliban took over her hometown and banned the education of women. She spoke out publicly on behalf of girls’ right to learn. This made her a target and in 2012 a masked gunman boarded her bus and shot her in the head. 


Malala Yousafzai / photo from


Amazingly she survived! After her recovery her, and her father, established the Malala Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to giving every girl an opportunity. In 2014 she was the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. 


Malala seems more like a saint than just a kind person. She chose to respond with kindness to a terrible and violent situation. There are over 130 million girls out of school, but she is working hard to change that. 


lady gaga

Kindness means thinking of others, and not only that but also realizing how we are all connected. Lady Gaga championed the stay-at-home movement and supported an organization on the forefront of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Laday Gaga / photo from, Getty Images


Lady Gaga raised $35 million for the World Health Organization, specifically to aid coronavirus work and relief efforts. She also organized a collaborative TV special featuring Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish and Stevie Wonder meant to encourage a fight against the virus, and bring us together while at home. The April 18th special has already aired, but there are other digital versions you can check out. You can make the pledge to stay home here


Gaga said of the effort at a news conference, “We want to highlight the gravity of this historical, unprecedented cultural movement … and we want to celebrate and encourage the power of the human spirit.We think Lady Gaga showed some pretty big human kindness. 


jane fonda

Jane Fonda is a crazy busy lady and her work is kindness. Whether it’s kindness for our earth [she just came out with a book about her journey to becoming a climate change activist], or protesting Chase Bank and its support of fossil fuels, she is always trying to make a difference. 


Jane Fonda, with Grace and Frankie costar Lily Tomlin / photo from


Jane’s most recent act of human kindness was an online table read [actors reading the script of a show or movie in a group] of the show Grace & Frankie. How is that kind you ask? Well the digitally available reading [sick of zoom calls yet? Maybe not when it’s a bunch of famous actors crowding your screen] that promoted the Meals on Wheels COVID-19 fund


Meals on Wheels provides service to the millions of elderly Americans who need companionship and more importantly food. But Meals on Wheels is more than food; it’s a chance for seniors to interact with someone, and receive some kindness. The pandemic has made the work of Meals on Wheels even more difficult. Due to stay-at-home orders, and that seniors are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus, American seniors need more assistance than ever. 


Thanks Jane Fonda for being a supporter of more human kindness in the world. 


greta thunberg

She was TIME’s person of the year in 2019. The strength of her resolve is almost as breathtaking as the simplicity of it. 


Greta Thunberg / photo, Michael Campanella, Getty Images


“We can’t just continue living as if there was no tomorrow, because there is a tomorrow. That is all we are saying.” 


It began with a strike in front of the Swedish Parliament. Greta skipped school and sat in front of the building holding a sign ‘School Strike for Climate’. Her resolve inspired 4 million people to join the largest climate demonstration in history on September 20, 2019. 


Helping the climate IS helping people. Greta has Asperger’s Syndrome so she isn’t the warmest, most smiley protester – but that’s what humanity needs. The sixteen year old delivers simple, earth-shaking statements to CEOs, heads of state and government officials because she does not respond to typical social cues which would make others in her place smile, or avoid strong language. 


A rise in average global temperature means rising oceans = flooding of coastal areas and islands. This means the loss of human lives, homes and entire cultures. A rise in temperature also means increased, and more devastating, droughts = loss of human life due to lack of water for agriculture, livestock and biological need. Greta embodies the ultimate human kindness: saving the planet we call home, and therefore saving the human race. 


johnny depp

Johnny Depp put on his full Captain Jack Sparrow costume and visited the British Columbia children’s hospital in Vancouver. He spent over five hours visiting one on one with each patient. When I heard about this I couldn’t believe that I [or anyone curious about this act of kindness] could be so lucky as to find a FULL video of his visit. 


Johnny Depp as “Jack Sparrow” with a patient / photo

Suffering from a chronic, and life threatening disease is tough stuff, especially for children. Depp took time out of his day, and sure got some great publicity, but he spent five hours there and met with each patient. Kindness goes a long way, and even more so when it infuses positivity into the dark days of battling a medical issue. 

Our bandanas are a reminder to live your most authentic life and find your most courageous self. The ‘humankind’ bandana inspires us to think of others and open our eyes to the community that surrounds us. Add a little kindness to your wardrobe and spread it all around.


be brave
be kind