a creatively collaborative friendship

Russell Glenn Marley (@russellglennmarley) recently designed some gorgeous bandana slides and bracelets for us! These silver pieces with turquoise stone inset and brass pieces timeless and gorgeous — we can’t wait to see how y’all wear them! Check them out! 

JE x MH brass ‘roam free’ double arrow cuff. Check out in our store!
JE x MH silver and turquoise ‘be brave’ cuff. Check out in our store!
JE x MH sterling silver ‘roam free’ double arrow cuff. Go see it in our store!


Russ and Jenni both love showing at Texas Antique Week in Round Top and have been following each other’s careers, they were drawn to each other’s style and work. 


“Russ’s Instagram is my go-to for a good hit of vintage style, he wears vintage so seamlessly. Our interests in the same category of junk make it an easy place to start a conversation like this one.” -Jenni 


We wanted to tell y’all more about Russ, Joe and their company, Marley Hatch, so we asked Russ some questions about the journey, process, and collaboration with Jenni Earle. 


What was the journey for you to get a place of making jewelry and vintage-inspired pieces?

 I began to make jewelry about a year ago, after I bought a vintage turquoise buckle and the damn thing broke on me a day later. I was at the Texas Antique Show at the time with my business partner and best friend, Joe Hatcher, so as soon as I got home I started working with base metals to get some idea of what to do with this broken belt buckle. I was soldering and stamping metal in my garage at 10 pm, probably pissin’ the neighbors off thoroughly, but hey, you make time, right?  

My life is a wonderful crazy mess with 3 great kids (all under 6yrs old) and the best wife, who also has her own small baking business. So squeezing in time for stamping old pieces of metal with broken files didn’t really fit the picture from the beginning. But eventually the work got better and Joe and I decided to try some in Sterling silver. The last Warrenton show, where we met Jenni, was the first time we brought our MARLEY HATCH sterling jewelry to market. So I was so very proud and excited when Jenni asked us to collaborate with her and it has been a really great experience. 

I’ve always had an affinity for old things and in particular old hand-crafted things. 


When I look at a piece of jewelry or clothing I am looking for the tale-tale signs of hand craftsmanship: little irregularities or blemishes that speak to me and tell me things. 


As I study a piece of vintage jewelry I imagine the original craftsman sitting over his piece, studying it, allowing his creativity to flow….and then cursing the little flaws that happen along the way. Those “flaws” a big part of my creative process, I embrace the irregularities and blemishes and hope that someone down the road does the same. 

Joe and I have always been interested in clothing and brands, so as our little Warrenton operation grew we began thinking about a bigger picture, and formed our brand MARLEY HATCH. We both take a lot of pride in our setup at the Texas Antique Show and we believe in providing our customers with a little glimpse of an older vintage lifestyle.  


What inspired you to work with Jenni Earle?

Growing up with grandparents and great grandparents has given me a deep appreciation for handmade items, and this is one reason I’m drawn to Jenni’s work and why I believe our products work well with hers. [read about Jenni’s inspiration from her grandfather] 


In this day and age I believe people are starving for something genuine and close to home, both of which are virtues that Jenni Earle and Marley Hatch share. 


A couple years ago I was introduced to Jenni and was able to buy a couple bandanas for the road. I really enjoy the vintage style of Jenni Earle pieces: arrows, horseshoes, polka dots, thunderbirds, etc. They’re all killer and I think they go so well with the image that Marley Hatch is trying to put forth. 


How do you like to wear a bandana? 

I wear a vintage bandana almost every day and they’re one of my favorite accessories, so I was more than thrilled to collaborate with JE and be a part of something special. I prefer to wear my bandanas tightly rolled with a slip knot to keep them anchored, and in the summertime, I usually soak them in cold water to get a reprieve from the Texas heat.  I think a bandana provides a great splash of color around the neckline, which can really draw the whole outfit together and make it “pop”, and it draws attention to the face of the person wearing it…which is where we want people looking. 


Spoken like a true vintagefashionista! Thanks so much for your work on this collaboration, Marley Hatch. We can’t wait to see how your brand grows and develops and how we might continue hand-crafting goods together. Y’all rock!!