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a room of one’s own


About a year ago, I acquired, through some act of magic and divinity, a space in the studio collaborative, Electric Pyramid. I had held a belief that only in a barn set deep in the countryside, could I explore my creativity without limits. This, gratefully, turned out to be anything but true. Not only is my art feeling less inhibited than it ever has, my whole life is a more true expression because I have a building of people silently accepting me and rooting me on. I wrote this recently about that first day at the studio.

She handed me the key.
It was heavy and brass.
It felt good in my hand,

Her hair was braided up and over top of her head and she was smiling.
I was overwhelmed with a sense that I was breaking into something
I’d not experienced before,
and probably didn’t deserve.
I was about to walk on the moon.

The door was heavy and had a catch to it,
but it made me like the place even more.
Another layer to our secret club.

She showed me where I could create.
She said with such kindness,
without one ounce of judgement or
expectation or
This is where I could create.

This is where I would create.
Possibility was a foreign concept lately.
As I felt it tingle through me mixed heavy
With gratitude and hope,
I tried not to giggle out loud.

~jenni earle