bandanas + hankies

we have been dreaming up this product launch for a while now and working to get the feel just right. so here it is, our new, hand-dyed, printed bandanas + hankies!


A bandana is one of the most useful things I own! I use it for work cleaning my brushes, I always have one tucked in my back pocket. I get my hair out of my face with it. I make my outfit more unique with one tied around my neck or wrist. It used to be, here in the south anyway, that you hardly saw anyone without a bandana or hankie on them at all times. My grandpa and dad still have a hankie in their pockets every day!

So here’s to old fashioned habits. Here’s to reducing the amount of disposable goods we use. Here’s to loving the small shifts in the color with each bandana that goes in and out of the dye pot. Here’s to expression and style and individuality.

this is jenni earle.

wholesale inquiries please write to or call 336-422-7670

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