Y’all… we are thrilled, humbled, over the effing MOON about this article from Bustle!! I mean… even the title is a dream come true and we couldn’t have written a better one:

These Bandanas Will Add a Healthy Dose of Feminism to Your Fave Outfit

Kali Borovic climbed inside our brains and hearts and wrote the most badass words about this work we are doing making hand dyed bandanas and the passion we feel for the jenni earle tribe!

Trends are often not just created out of thin air. There’s inspiration, influence, and some sort of magical moment combining the two with a modern look. This hankie does all of that and so much more. Jenni Earle’s bandanas each come with a different message of encouragement on them, but this is a lot more than just a trend. The accessory was inspired by Earle’s grandfather, who always had one with him at all times.

Each square design comes with an inspirational quote written on it in dainty writing. Sayings include “be brave,” “chin up, buttercup,” and “I won’t back down.” Although you have to look closely to see each one, the inspiration is bigger than any 20-inch design.

This is not just your average accessory. It’s a daily reminder to always carry with you the message of hope and encouragement. If you can’t find the strength to do it that way, Earle is here to help you out.

Hop over to Bustle and read ALL of it HERE. I might have to go for a reread…

SO many thanks, Kali and Bustle!!!