CUSTOM DESIGN – Mary’s Mavens

As a female business owner, it is SO powerful to know and be supported and to help support other female business owners. It’s a subculture. We all face similar challenges no matter how wildly different our business goals are. No one knows or has done more to facilitate that kind of support here in our little city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, than Mary Haglund, owner of Mary’s Gourmet Diner. (if you are ever here visiting, or if you live here and for some super crazy reason have never been, YOU MUST go eat at Mary’s). It really feels like you are walking into the kitchen of a dear friend who cooks AMAZING soups and breakfasts and such. with goodies that she just plucked up out of the garden that morning in a beautiful basket and then effortlessly made the most delicious meal.  and you just happened to pop in right as it was ready… it’s dreamy, y’all.

(in truth, she doesn’t grow all the food herself, she supports many of our local growers and farmers, but you know, i was creating the feel of the place…)

explore more bandana
badass Mary Haglund modeling the “explore more” bandana.

So, anyhoo, after YEARS of being a badass lady business owner and seeing the effect of her support on other women she started, Mary’s Mavens. It’s a club of sorts, a crew? of women that get together monthly and hear an original story of a local maker/owner and talk about the highs and lows that we are all going through as we blaze a trail in our own way.

Mary’s Mavens originated from the Community Innovation Lab – a group that looks at social and economic inequities in our community. Mary met co-founders Rebeccah Byer, and Paola Miranda there and together they decided to start this group.

The Mavens defining purpose is simply to support women and those who also support women, in our community to be empowered and thrive. And it’s free! I have been a member for a few years or so now and am never upset that I took the time to attend a meeting. I leave better than I came. So when Mary and Rebeccah asked if I would make a special Mary’s Mavens bandana, I was IN!!!

Mary immediately knew the phrase would be “Be Badass” which lit my creative brain parts on fire. We ended up with a kick-ass bandana and a new logo for the Mavens. I am honored to know such strong, dedicated women that are consistently stacking sandbags along the river to help us all not only keep our heads above water; but learn to swim, build boats, float along and watch the stars together. thank you mary! I am stronger because I know you.

we think it turned out pretty great, how about you?!

for ideas on how to wear this or other bandanas check out our new page showing 12 ways to keep that talisman close.

to learn more about mary’s mavens, join the facebook group, it includes over 1700 members and continues to grow through monthly meetings, small workshops, networking, support, and empowerment of women and the barriers they face today. Not local to Winston? no worries, the meetings are on Facebook Live for members. Yay!


as always, be brave, be authentic,

jenni earle