FIGHT RESISTANCE with talismans of strength

hey y’all.  we are mixing it up a little here at jenni earle and featuring Elise Wallace on today’s blog.  she is a powerful badass who just finished hiking the ENTIRE Appalachian Trail a few months ago. check out her story below…


Stepping up, reaching out, and taking a leap to follow your dreams is one of the hardest things anyone can do. We all know that feeling — ’now isn’t the right time’, ‘what if something goes wrong?’ ‘I can’t actually do this’ — and that feeling has a name.


I don’t mean in a protesting-crowds-revolution-kind-of-way (but it is revolutionary, y’all). I mean that hesitation you feel to pursuing your passion. The doubts and fears that get the better of you so you continue to follow a safe and predictable routine.

These thoughts and feelings were swirling around inside me earlier this year. I was trying to get the courage to hike the entire Appalachian Trail. It was a dream I’d had for years, but I was scared!

“What if I didn’t have my jobs when I got back? What if my friends moved on and my relationships faded? What if I didn’t make it to the end of the trail, and had to quit?”

But when I finally found the courage to fight my own resistance, it was invigorating.  And when I announced my hike, I was surprised to find acquaintances, like Jenni, were incredibly supportive and gave me two bandanas for my journey:

be brave AND blaze a trail

Jenni calls her bandanas her talismans. I looked up the word after I heard it. By definition, a talisman is a magical item charged with the force it is intended to represent. The more closely the talisman represents its intended purpose (with symbolism) the more powerful it is.

I couldn’t think of more powerfully symbolic bandanas for my hike than ‘be brave’ and ‘blaze a trail’. Now that I’m back from my hike I am grateful to be surrounded by women that are committed to fighting their internal resistance and reaching out every day to realize their full capacity.

Hello Jenni Earle fans! I’m looking forward to sharing more about my journey and other badass women soon.

be brave

be authentic

– Elise