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Okay, of course we’re going to tell you that one of our bandanas is a great gift — because it iS a good gift idea. Check out our online store to pick out something for your mom, your bestie, your partner or yourself 🙂


But Jenni also spent some time – because she is a curator at heart – looking for gift ideas from some other places. Check out these unique, handmade (most of them), gorgeous, collaborative gift ideas for the season.


Trim & Co.

Trim & Co. specializes in giving life to vintage hats and creating custom hats for customers.


A hat can change an outfit. Whenever I see someone wearing a wide-brim piece, I take an extra second to look at what else they are wearing. Someone who wears a hat takes their appearance seriously, and that can be a really empowering feeling. This morning Jenni told a story: she came down the stairs dressed in a woven poncho sweater, knit scarf, tall leather boots, and a black felt hat, complete with a feather in the band. Her father, who is visiting, said, ‘whoa. what’s going on today?’ as if her outfit meant that today was something special, or unusual. Her response, ‘I like to honor my work by wearing something that makes me feel good’.


You don’t need a reason to look put-together, special, fancy or dressed-up. Your day, your work, your self is enough of a reason. Trim & Co. believes that “a hat is not only a statement piece, but also the ultimate compliment to even the most simple of outfits”. Check out their gorgeous collection of hats, or have one custom-designed.


Ballad of the Bird Dog

Speaking good curators, these two know how its done! The owners of this ‘design-forward’ shop in Benham, Texas know how to gather beautiful, intentional items.


They’ve got a great collection of Red Wing Boots, like these women’s Copper Rough & Tough heel boots.

I’ve been thinking about getting some new boots…and now I’m feeling weaker and weaker to resist the temptation…but this is a gift guide! Back to thinking about other people. For the small gift needs, Ballad also offers neat accessories like the Wood N Steel bottle opener [$30]. It comes in three different sizes.


Tribe Alive

We love when two rad makers get together! Check out this keyring tassel and other offerings from this special company in Fort Worth, Texas. The mission to empower women around the world is reason enough to love tribe alive!




Tribe Alive has partnered with Worthy Co. : a company that provides a safe space, and gainful employment to victims of trafficking, prostitution and addiction. Not only is this keyring a cute gift idea, but proceeds go towards helping women given a beautiful chance to change their life. Worthy Co., and we here at Jenni Earle, believe that “every woman is worthy of love, healing, and the chance to rebuild her life.”


Stella Flourescent

Goodness gracious, this necklace. I don’t wear any jewelry, at all, but this necklace seems to defy the typical look and feel of mental jewelry. It’s make from silken strands woven together and cinched with adjustable brass beads so the piece can be worn high or low.




All items for this gorgeous piece are made in San Francisco, and the colors were made in collaboration with a local textile/design artist. This checks all our boxes for a gift: beautiful, handmade, collaborative and unique.


Custom portrait illustration by Caroline Dalholt

Shout out to a fellow local artist in Winston-Salem, NC! Caroline designs and draws such whimsical, fun custom portraits.


$35 for a 12″ x 9″ portrait


You get to choose the color palette, and share your vision for the piece with Caroline. This one, above, is actually of our office-mate [and local artist] Cat Lamp, and her husband, riding their cats of course.


Studio Pennylane

Learning to let go is a difficult process. Especially around the holidays, we can have a tendency to hold onto the past year’s negativity or heartbreak. Studio Pennylane’s Apothecary Jar helps you release stress and those worries beyond your control.

Drop in a penny, which symbolizes letting go of a struggle. Comes with a jar, penny glass, notepad and pencil.

ON SALE! Now $25

NEW ways to wear your bravery

We’re so excited to have something new to share with you – regardless of the season or the holiday. We’ve designed four enamel pins. Maybe you’re not a bandana person, well, try a pin! If you ARE a bandana person, and are already rockin’ one of our styles, then put a pin on it!

$12 each or set of 4 for $40

$12 each or 4 for $40

After all that, remember, that gifts are not everything. Your time and love are enough to share with those around you. But happy shopping if you do get around to it. We hope this has been an inspiration!


be brave
be adventurous
be you

Elise & Jenni