Bravery Gift Set

gift sets from jenni earle are here!

just in time for your holiday shopping!

introducing, jenni earle gift sets!  we are making gift giving easy for you this holiday season.  who on your list needs one of these gifts while you get to save a few bucks too?!

bravery & encouragement gift set

Be Brave, Feel the Fear with bandana slide

this bravery and encouragement gift set is that kickass reminder that when we dig down deep we are capable of doing so much more, surviving so much more, and feeling so much more than we ever thought possible.  gift this talisman to yourself when you need to keep that reminder close by or send it to a loved one going through a difficult time.

gift set includes a ‘be brave’ and ‘feel the fear’ bandana along with a vintage bandana slide.

gypsy soul gift set

Gypsy Soul Gift Set

the gypsy soul gift set is for the free-spirited badasses who are making fashion what they want it to be, not what they are told it should be.  these badasses are wearing levis and cowboy boots and drinking cold beer out of cans, just like they always have.

the gypsy soul collection includes a ‘blaze a trail’ and ‘be brave’ bandana, along with a vintage leather slide with a turquoise stud.

southern roots gift set

image of southern roots gift setwe’re known for our different way of talkin’ down here in the South. it is one of the things that defines us no matter what part of the world we wander off to. if you were raised in the South or love someone who was, you’ll notice a simple phrase can turn our head or bring a tear to our eye.
for that reason, we have gathered a few of our favorite bandanas with signature southern phrases to create the southern roots gift set, for that proud Southerner in your life. Reminding someone of their roots is one of the best gifts that you can give.
the southern roots gift set includes the ‘honey hush,’ ‘gimme some sugar,’ and ‘chin up buttercup’ bandanas.

wanderlust gift set

Wanderlust Gift Set

deep down we all have the desire to wander. to get lost. to explore this crazy world we live in. this wanderlust gift set will fuel the adventurer within.

gift set includes ‘roam free, ‘explore more,’ and ‘love wild’ bandanas.