honey hush baby

‘Honey Hush’ is so much more polite than ‘Shut up’

I think the saying ‘honey hush’ is as old as the drawing of the Mason-Dixon line!
my grandmothers, aunts, mother, friend’s mothers, friend’s grandmothers have all used this line on me and my friends at one time or another. it wasn’t polite (or permitted) in our home to say “shut up.”I still recoil from that phrase, but “honey hush” was used with frequency.
now, it’s just natural for young girlfriends (who am I kidding, for any age girlfriends) to get a little loud as we’d carry on about whatever had us worked up that day. we’d hear, “honey, hush!” to quiet us down a bit, especially if it was time for my grandmother, Irene’s, stories to be on the television.
but, I find myself now saying this most often when I get to talking bad to myself! if I start in on -“I’m too fat, I’m too lazy, I’m not worth a damn,” I just shake my head and say “honey hush!” none of us have the time or use for that garbage inside your head.
so next time there’s some noise (inside your head or out) you don’t need, don’t be rude, just say “honey hush.”
here’s a little added bonus of cuteness for you too!  babies and sweet Bella would never hear the words ‘honey hush’!
Bella loves her some 'honey hush' hankie