bandana tied with slide showing how to wear a bandana

How to wear a bandana, you ask??

Y’all asked for it, and we were finally able to make it happen!! 

We so often hear how much people love their jenni earle bandana or hankie, but have no idea how the heck to wear it!  So we’ve put together ten ideas for you on how to wear a bandana.  We’ve even included directions on how to fold a bandana for each suggestion, so you can wear each look to perfection. So you can walk with that swagger in your step and dose of encouragement and bravery that a jenni earle bandana provides!

How to Wear A Bandana (or hankie too)

When we are asked how to wear a bandana, our first answer is always ‘any damn way you please!’

But we know not everyone is comfortable just winging it, so we’ve put together a guide for you to channel your inner badassery.

So how do you want to wear your bandana today?

Classic bandit style around your neck?

Tied around your ankle or wrist?

In your hair?

Or around your hat?

Below is a gallery of ideas and inspiration for you to decide how to wear a bandana.  But don’t stop with just these ideas!  Be creative!  hang it outta your back pocket, use it as a hand towel in the powder room, tie it around your bicep with the sundress to add a little badass to the look.  Keep it handy to wipe your tears at that gut-wrenching movie, keep the dust out of your nose and mouth while you climb the next mountain on your must-climb list.

The ideas of how to wear your bandana are simply endless.  We’d love to hear your inspiration and creative ways you wear your jenni earle bandana!  Tag us on Facebook or Instagram (#jenniearle) in your pictures and you may be the next addition to our Gallery of Trailblazers!

ponytail with bandana    feel the fear bandana as headband bandana tied with slide  honey hush bandana bandana tied around boot bandana on neck bandana on dog's neck bandana on neck show display of bandanas bandana tied on neck bandana on wrist explore more bandana on dog  dressed up dog  bandana around neck wearing a bandana to keep warm bandana in the woods Dog with bandana around neck a bandana tied on a purse baby with bandana on neck blaze a trail bandana on neck

Get all of the instructions for these styles on our new How to Wear a Bandana page!

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