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wondering how to wear a bandana?

here’s a few ideas we came up with to help get you started!

feel free to experiment and try new things,

remember to tag us if you post! we wanna see the trails you are blazing!

The Fancy
The Fancy Style Drawing

the FANCY-
in this style, the knot in the front, tied around the back. this is an elegant way to wear your bandana. this style looks great with dresses, denim or layered with with bling and leather. it’s an instant classic.

The Scout
the scout

the SCOUT-
this look is styled with a handmade vintage leather bandana slide. just roll the bandana and poke the ends through the slide and pull it up to where it feels good.

The Dolly
the dolly

the DOLLY-
always ready for an adventure? having a bandana tied around your neck this way tells the world just that. from days spent blazing trails to nights out in the city streets, this look works. now, let’s get lost…

The Annie
the annie

the ANNIE-
with a talisman tied around your bag strap, you’ll never loose your purse on the guest bed at a party ever again! use a leather bandana slide or chunky vintage ring to secure the bandana around the strap.

The Elle
the elle

the ELLE-
this look is equal parts punk and vogue. just wrap around your wrist twice and use your teeth to hold one end while you tie the bandana securely with your free hand. girls, we can do anything!

The Girlboss
The Girlboss

replace those statement necklaces for this talisman look. roll the bandana and place a vintage leather bandana slide through one end. pull it to the middle of the bandana and tie at the back of your neck. lookout world, the #girlboss is here!

The Rosie
the rosie

the ROSIE-
wearing your bandana like a headband with the knot up will emulate american icon rosie the riveter! fold and tie the knot on top of your head to feel like you can move mountains. (also, helpful when hiking mountains.) secure at the back with bobby pins if needed.

The Sandy
the sandy

the SANDY-
tied around a ponytail, this works with a half-back style, a low pony or a top knot hairstyle. really any ole way you tie your hair up, you can tie a bandana around it…
one wrap around the hair is seen here, but two loops around the hair with a knot tie works great too!

The Sophia
the dolly

we love this ankle wrap style. it is such a fun way to wear a bandana. by giving you a way to pop some color down at the end of your skinny jeans, this look is pure outfit completion. just wrap twice and secure with a double knot.

The Daisy
the daisy

the DAISY-
headband, knot down makes for some classic bandana wearing. this look works equally well for a day spent baking for your rally girls or getting down and dirty in the garden. we have work to do, y’all, let’s get to it.

The Penny Lane
a drawing showing you how to wear a bandana around your hat

you can wrap your talisman around your favorite hat. just roll and tie the bandana around the base of your hat. tuck in a feather or flower to the bandana for a bit of added style and moxie.

The Hondo
the hondo

the HONDO-
fold in a triangle and wrap around your neck to channel your inner John Wayne OR Julia Sugarbaker with this classic, versatile look. dress up your favorite tee and jeans or wear with a pantsuit to let the meeting know you mean business.