wanna know how to wear bandanas?

we have put together some ideas for you on how to wear a bandana: around your head, on your bag, around your wrist. but the most important point is to wear them however it feels good. let the power of this badass bandana work in your life. because these are not just any ol’ bandanas, these are bandanas for the brave!

bandit style badass bandana
the hondo

the HONDO-
classic bandit style: channel you inner john wayne with this look. if you are seeking a swagger that you are sure is hidden inside you, tie a bandana around your neck like an outlaw! now you are ready to conquer your fears. PS. dogs look great in this style as well.

rosie the riveter styled bandana
the rosie

the ROSIE-
headband, knot up style: rosie the riveter is an american icon of badassery! fold and tie the knot on top of your head to feel like you can change industries and move mountains. secure at the back with bobby pins if needed.

the daisy
the sandy

the SANDY-
tied around a ponytail style: this works with half-back, low pony, top knot… really any ole way you tie your hair up, you can tie a bandana around it. one wrap around is seen here, but two loops around the hair with a knot tie works great too!

ankle styled bandana
the dolly

ankle wrap style: this is such a fun way to wear a bandana! it gives you a way to pop some color down there at the end of your skinny jeans for pure outfit completion. just wrap twice around and tie with a double knot.

boho bag styled with bandana and leather slide
the annie

the ANNIE-
tied around your bag strap style: you were born to stand out, so why does your bag blend in? use a leather slide or a chunky vintage ring to secure the bandana around the strap. you’ll never loose your purse on that stack on the guest bed at a party ever again.

bandana worn on wrist
the elle

the ELLE-
around your wrist tie: this is the epitome of cool, y’all. if you don’t believe me, just check out the character eleven in season two of stranger things! yep. so cool. just wrap around your wrist twice and use your teeth to hold one end while you tie the bandana securely with your free hand. girls, we can do anything!

the dolly
the dolly

the DOLLY-
classic bandana wearing style: always ready for an adventure? having a bandana tied around your neck this way tells the world just that. from the days spent hiking in the mountains to nights out in the city streets, this look works. now, let’s get lost…

hat style
a drawing showing you how to wear a bandana around your hat

around your favorite hat style: you may not like to wrap anything around your neck. that’s cool. you also don’t have to lose your unique style, just tie that bandana around the base of your hat! tuck a feather or a flower in to the bandana for a bit of added badass.

boy scout tied bandana
the scout

the SCOUT-
styled with a bandana slide: we are always on the hunt for cool vintage tooled belts to make into slides to use with our bandanas. just roll the bandana and poke the ends through the slide and pull it to where if feels comfortable. you are officially ready to start a fire or build your own hut out of sticks!

wearing a bandana hiker style
the daisy

the DAISY-
headband, knot down style: such a classic. and again, this look works equally well for a day spent making posters with your rally girls to getting down and dirty doing some strenuous labor. we have work to do, y’all! let’s get to it.

The Benji Style
The Benji Style Drawing

the BENJI-
bandit style for the dogs: people shouldn’t be the only ones that get to uncover their bravery by wearing a jenni earle bandana. simply fold in half and tie around your favorite canine’s neck.

The Fancy Style
The Fancy Style Drawing

the FANCY-
knot in the front, tied around the back: this is the most elegant way to wear your bandana. this style looks great with all your summer dresses, your denim shirts, layered up with all your bling or leather. it’s an instant classic.