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limited edition ‘I won’t back down!’ bandana

limited edition ‘I won’t back down!’ bandana

Jenni’s writings from October 2, 2017 – the day Tom Petty passed away.  Today we release this limited edition bandana in honor of the many people that are championing their own fight and NOT BACKING DOWN! 

Tom Petty’s passing has flooded my heart and my brain with memories of adolescence. Ahhh, adolescence, that sweet, turbulent, amazing time when we were taking risks, huddling together in tribes and defining what our lives are gonna look like, feel like. My girlfriends and I blared ‘American Girl’ as our anthem! An ex-boyfriend sent me ‘Wildflowers’ after our breakup and it has stayed with me as a song I play when I feel lost and alone. Thank you, Mr. Petty!

I didn’t know it then, but I need these anthems well into my adulthood because we are always defining ourselves. We wake up each day and decide we are going to be the best or worst or laziest or most go-getterest or somewhere in the middle versions of ourselves. I don’t think we prepare teens for that. You don’t get to adulthood and go, phew, now I know… We are never done baking. Well if we do it right, in my opinion, we are never done baking. We evolve and learn and get pissed off or exhausted or fired up or delirious with joy (hopefully ALL of those) just like our teenage selves! Just like my amazing, hilarious, fiercely loyal tribe of girls yelling the lyrics, “raised on promises, she couldn’t help thinking that there was a little more to life, somewhere else” and pumping fists out of the windows of a minivan. Luckily, that wild spirit lives in me every day.

We are facing big, serious, adult challenges these days, folks. As I try to explain all the pain and tragedy and disrespect in the world to my children, and quite frankly to myself, I feel sad and confused. At the same time though, I have hope, because I have kept a firm grasp on my own wild beating heart and the truth that it comes with it. I know the ground upon which I stand. I know right from wrong, no matter how those around me may define it. I feel my backbone straighten and my voice echo with what I know to be true. So, the Petty song I can’t quit playing over and over right now is, “I won’t back down.”
It is my anthem now. It is the anthem of this journey I am inviting you all to join me on.
“you can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down, and I’ll stand my ground”
hell yes, Tom! Hell yes.

There’s a line I wanna talk about a bit and then I’ll let y’all get on with your day:

“Hey baby… there ain’t no easy way out” 

– standing firm in your own beliefs isn’t the easy way to go through life. I’ve lived through the isolation that comes with stepping outside what others feel is the “right life” for you. But, TRUTH people, truth, ahh, it feels so good. It starts inside you. it is not determined by your mama or your best friend or your neighbors. It is a beautiful bubbling spring waiting to be discovered and uncovered inside you. Once you find it, stand up tall and let it flow. It won’t be easy, you’re legs will wobble a little, you’ll cry and want to hide, but keep it flowing. Others will disagree but you’ll be amazed how strong you feel, standing there alone, truth bubbling out of you!

It ain’t easy darlin, but it’s worth it. 

Only 200 made!  Get yours before they are gone!

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