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jenni earle love wild bandana styled on a cowboy hat

LOVE WILD! new style

let’s love wild…

NEW STYLE FOLKS: love wild.

i admit, this is also a resolution for me this year. as i hope it is for all of us. 2017 was a year of kickass outrage and openness. we cracked open the hard shell of “i’m fine” that has become so normalized, and were brave enough to say, “i’m not ok, this has to change” whatever the “this” was for you! we are getting more vocal AND we are shutting our mouths and our judgemental brains to listen to others experiences. what an important shift!

so next level… love.
and love is the wildness.
these are heavy, weighted words. so let’s break them down.

LOVE: /ləv/ noun an intense feeling of deep affection.
there is a lot of fear that hovers around love.. what if the things i love aren’t cool? what if i proclaim love to another human and it’s not returned? what if i get hurt? but, y’all excuse me, but fuck that! it’s too important. we are on this earth to love and connect! stop asking so many questions and start letting yourself love in a big and meaningful way. children, pets, neighbors, yourself!!! love wild.

WILD: /wīld/ adjective uncontrolled or unrestrained, especially in pursuit of pleasure “she went through a wild phase of drunken parties and desperate affairs” 
sorry webster but HELL NO. the above example sentence is what is so wrong with our society. wild is too often closely correlated with self-destructive behavior some people actually wince when you use this word. it incites fear and negativity in some. it incites roadhouse style disrespect in others. but let’s start nurturing a new idea. wild is the purest form of joy and connection we have. uncontrolled and unrestrained are words we need MORE of, not less. the pursuit of pleasure should never be demonized. no poet is writing about a more controlled and restrained life. furthermore, our children need to know that the moments that they feel wild and unrestrained are the defining moments of life. this is how we know what is real and good and right.

love is the wildness at it’s core.

break open that wild heart of yours and pursue it’s desires.