limited edition ‘give a damn’ bandana

it’s time, y’all. wake the F* up &


so… if you weren’t awake to the resistance before this circus called the Senate Committee to Confirm Kavanaugh, you are now. welcome. come on it. i bet you are feeling angry, hopeless and confused, i know y’all, i feel it too! but let me offer a silver lining… it was also proven last week that our voices, one single woman’s voice, has the power to change the future.

Anna Maria Archilla made the choice to give a damn, to get herself to that building and speak her truth to Senator Flake. what an example of how important it is to show up! she could have called a girlfriend and drowned her frustrations in french fries and a ginger ale (that’s what i did), but she didn’t, she showed the hell up! (thank you so much Anna Maria, we are forever in your debt).

this shit show has rocked me to my core. it has pointed out, once again, that a woman’s truth is held with less weight than a man’s. it’s up to women to prove their side, where a man’s side is taken as the account of what really happened. it has happened in my life over and over. a man says, “this” and a i say, “no, that”. then i have to prove why “that”. it makes my blood boil! my account of happenings is equally as valid as a mans. Dr. Ford’s account is equally as valid as the judge.

as i sat down to draw this fall’s limited run bandana, i started with a woman, naked and strong. strong in her knowing of her own truth, no matter what anyone else’s options are. those opinions became a snake winding around her, strangling her, squeezing her life force…

but what if we could feel just as confident, just as strong, while in the midst of the snake? what if the snake’s power isn’t greater than our own? what if, in the midst of a threat to our lives, our voices, we could find peace? what would it look like if women could sit, bold and present, as the threat moves closer? at once, strong and vulnerable, willing to show up and lend our voices to effect change.

i also want to point out here that it can be much simpler than a trip to DC and a big, bold gesture. there are a million chances to share and make change by giving a damn in our daily lives. when questions are asked of you, there is an opportunity to help someone understand your point of view more clearly. use kindness and patience, of course, but speak up! share your first-person accounts and your heartfelt opinion. help someone who may not even know your shoes exist understand what it feels like to walk a mile in them. that is how change is made. we were given a reminder as we saw it acted out last week in an elevator, speak up. tell your truth. pay attention. give a damn.

This limited edition run of only 200 copper earth bandanas is inspired by the need to pay attention, to be sure we are making up our own mind and when we feel pulled to speak up, to do it. give a damn. give enough of a damn to be curious, to do the work and to act. you don’t have to give a damn about everything but find your thing. then, give a damn!