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LIMITED RUN ‘i’m still standing’

this autumn’s limited run bandana is SO fresh, y’all. i can’t wait to share it with you! what i love about the limited run process is that it feels like i’m allowed to make mistakes, it’s only 200 bandanas, not one we are accepting into our line, so i let my hair down a little and make more rebellious choices! this time, the rebel in me chose orange ink to lay on top of the creamy chamois bandana, ORANGE INK. for those who know me and follow my design aesthetic, orange ink is a big departure. i love the simplicity of black ink and white ink that dawn most of our designs. i am about the editing, my design process is more about the stripping away of everything unessential to the message of the bandana than it is to be loud or flashy or neon…

until i stepped into the design of “i’m still standing.” this one was a time traveling, heartbreaking, making choices all over again, triumphant design process. my adult life has been anything but easy, but i’m still standing.

life is hard and takes all the opportunities it can to trick us into submission, but i’m still standing. and so are you!

we need to take a minute and celebrate the magic that is showing up for our authentic lives. what a keenly victorious choice that is, to continue to stand up. i know you’ve been dragged through the muck. i know you have thought, “gah, why can’t this just be easy…” we all do! we all struggle with self-doubt and fear and exhaustion. it’s the great unspoken binding force of the authentic and wild hearted. we don’t climb and climb to get to the peak of confidence and self-love and stay there. the peak of that mountain is slippery and tricky to navigate. you have to keep slipping and replanting your feet. you have to weather storms that roll through. even up there, in loveyourselfville. but you do it.

you weather the storms. you find your footing. you are still standing.

congratulations! we are cheering so loud for you. we are painting things in bright orange ink to celebrate your triumphs. every step is a triumph, every time you stand up is a triumph!!!

now go play your favorite power song and dance around. you deserve it…


jenni earle