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Make Time to Love Yourself

Hey y’all this is Elise!

So excited to share my stories and thoughts through this awesome blog.

How is it already halfway through December?! My favorite part of this season is that my friends and family are much more willing to get together. I don’t care about the decorations or traditions, I’m into the ritual. The intentional coming together of people for communion, rejuvenation, and catharsis is an old, old practice. This time of year I take advantage of the fact that a gathering of my girlfriends can happen much more easily. We’re more likely to make time for things like that during the holiday season.

But this year I haven’t made time for anything meaningful or holiday-related.

I have been too busy. Saying that makes me cringe. I’m a person who believes that I can accomplish anything on my list, and make time for whatever I need to get done. I’ve been feeling stressed and out of the ritualistic holiday mood. What do I need to do to feel all that goodness and not the stress?

Value my time (and myself) and say no when I need.

It’s easy to write off stress this time of year as “worth it” because of the holiday. But this season will pass and we’ll still be sittin’ with ourselves just the same in January. So let’s come to terms that who we are this season is who we are for the rest of the year.

A huge breakthrough in my life (aren’t those the best!) was when I realized that my stress and frustration was caused mostly by… ME.

I make my own choices, I say yes to every meeting, party, and new project. Taking out stress on myself only made me like me less. If I make more time to breathe between meetings and holiday events then I not only have time enough to go around, but I love myself better.
So think of your time as yourself this season. Sometimes this means saying no. No to some opportunities means a bigger, better YES to others. Ultimately this brings the best version of myself to the table, the meeting dinner party, or the relationship.

Realizing the power you have in your life is incredible.

You choose what you do with your time and what kind of person that makes you. I don’t beat myself up on a busy day when I think “I did this. I chose this day”. And that is hard y’all. I truly think though, that if we work our hardest to make sure we’re bringing the best, then we are better equipped to handle the bumps and the stuff the world throws at us.

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