my take on Blazing a Trail

i’ve always loved this phrase, blaze a trail, mostly because i’ve never really fit into anything mainstream. i am a trailblazer. not super intentionally, i just naturally go against the grain.

the comment i hear most often in my life is:

“huh, i wouldn’t have thought to put those things together.”

this comment comes in reference to my outfits, my styling work, my interior design work… and it’s not negative!

but it just let’s me know that i see the world just a little differently than most. this makes me a trailblazer and is one of the major points that brought me to this work.

when i first said i was going to make bandanas, i got a lot of that wondering look and the comments, “huh, doesn’t everyone already have a bandana?” or “can’t anyone buy a bandana at walmart for $1?” both are true and valid, but in my mind i was bringing together one of my favorite practical, functional items with something that could bring magic and encouragement to people.

i just knew i could make a bandana that would be worth more that the ones they sell for a dollar.

i wanna dive a little deeper into this idea. when you know you can bring something to an object, even an object as common as a bandana, use that inspiration and do the work. bring it to life! a dear friend of mine who loves to bake told me once that she was going to make homemade oreo cookies… i nodded appropriately, but in my head i was thinking, i think the oreo folks have that dialed in, darlin. OH, was i wrong. her homemade mint oreos are maybe the best baked item i’ve ever put in my mouth. had she said to herself, oreo is already doing that work, i shouldn’t make these, then we wouldn’t have gotten to experience the wonder of HER oreos.


so what sets my bandanas apart from the rest?… several things.

first of all, i get to pick the fabric! i could spend a week wandering the shops in NYC’s garment district feeling ALL the fabrics. i can get super geeky about fabric, y’all. natural fibers are such a weakness for me. i once bought more linen fabric on 38th street (they were doing closeout pricing!!!) than i could carry to my apartment, i had to make two trips! but dang is was so good. so when it came time to pick the cotton fabric for my bandanas, i was pretty particular. i wanted a weight that could hold up to the functionality of the best old bandanas that i love, but a softness that made people want to wrap it around their necks.i picked a southern grown and milled cotton that is sturdy, but once we wash the carding out, feels so soft to the touch.

second, the hand-dyeing. there is nothing more satisfying to me than finding a color that i dream up. as a painter, i love to mix colors and find new combinations that bring a color to life. the same is true for our dyes. some of the colors we use have up to 5 different dye pigments in them. we work hard to deliver consistency in the dye, but those little areas that get a bit less dye or a deep patch here or there, are what makes you know if was made by hand. those are my favorites.



and last but most important is the infusion of meaning.

this is what connects this product straight from my heart to yours. i make these bandanas not ONLY to be functional to you as a square of cotton to wipe your brow or tie around your ponytail, but as a talisman. i know for a damn fact that you are braver and stronger than you give yourself credit for. i KNOW you are. because when i have faced the steep hills that have come up in my life, i was way more capable than i thought i was.

I infuse, literally infuse, the intention of bravery, adventure, exploration and personal strength into these bandanas. i want you to grab one up, and have the confidence to use your voice and your hands and your heart in the way that you most want!

i want you blaze the trail that YOU see for yourself!

everyone will have an opinion, trust me. but your opinion counts for 7 times what anyone else’s does.

go on and blaze the trail! step fully into your life. show up to the human you are right now and exercise your capabilities! you are magical, i know this to be true.

be brave!

every damn chance you get,