NEW Ltd. edition bandana: Humankind

What an extraordinary time to be designing a limited-edition bandana. We have been SO grateful for the usefulness of both the layers of cotton and ease of tying them around your face to protect you and others from the dreaded droplets of the virus. 


But also, the letters we have received from you about the meaning we infuse into our products are tangible reminders of your courage and strength. We need both to weather this storm of uncertainty. We need tools and talismans. We need protection and the reminder that we can and will find our footing! 


So… to that end, this spring, we give you the bandana “humankind”

limited edition Humankind bandana in maize



we are all love

This is a bandana that I’ve been working on for over a year and it just never felt right like the right time for it, now I know it was waiting for NOW. Now is the time for a reminder of how interconnected we are in our humanness and how much we need to call on our kindness. 


This pandemic crisis is showing up in a way that can be seen and felt by almost every human on the planet. We celebrate the decline of cases in one area while mourning the loss of life in another. 


We are scared and uncertain. But we are ALSO brave and resilient enough to be kind

limited edition Humankind bandana in pool


we are all whole

I heard the term ’emotional multitasking’ recently and OH what a mind opener that was! I fight ‘black and white’ thinking on a daily basis because I believe the world is made up of shades of grey. But for some reason I hadn’t allowed this to seep into my emotional life.


We can hold a multitude of emotions all at once. 


I have certainly felt scared and brave at the same time. I’ve felt sad and grateful. I just hadn’t heard a term that encompassed feeling all the things at once. I can sit here and type with a pit of anxiety in my stomach and feel incredibly hopeful at the same time. My anxiety no longer pins me down to skepticism, I can accept that I’m feeling generally nervous and choose to focus on my enthusiasm for sharing this good news of our new limited edition style with my rockstar bandana loving community!  


we are all brave

We are showing up for ourselves and others in ways that we haven’t seen since the world wars. Some of us are working harder than ever! Our essential workers are facing the danger of exposure and keep coming to work to provide us with the opportunity to stay home. (We can’t say thank you enough to those people!) 

Those of us who are able are using our time at home to find new ways to foster patience with their families (fingers crossed, I know I am!) and slow down the runaround. We are, very importantly, taking the time to rest and care for ourselves and our loved ones; including taking the time to be quiet and listen to their voice. We all struggle with our worthiness and security, but damn are we capable of some GREAT shifts in our lives! 



we are all human

When I started jenni earle, I could tell I was living into my truth because it felt like I had turned into the flow of a river. The current of the universe was with me on this project, which is now a thriving company and community. Listen and feel closely for that current in your own life. You are growing and curious! 


We are all love. 


We are all whole.


We are all brave.


We are all human.


With SO much love and gratitude, hope you love this new design. 

jenni earle


[images by Kristen Bryant]