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hey y’all!! i wanna tell you a little more about our new spring style-


of course luck is a good thing to offer anyone (including yourself), and especially in spring! the season of new beginnings and hope. but more than that, we wanted to dive into the source of luck. remind you that you, trailblazer, are among the lucky ones.

you see, luck is funny thing.

we talk about it often. we worry if we’ve had a little run of unfortunate circumstances that our luck has changed, maybe we broke a mirror or a black cat scurried across our path… we talk about luck like its something that happens TO us. like we have no control over it. but i have a different take on it. to that i say “no thanks, i’ll stick with tennessee williams on this one.” who famously said,

“luck is believing you’re lucky.”

i’ve always loved that quote. it switches everything around. luck is in the believing!!! luck is yours for the taking. start to notice your specifically lucky moments and BUILD your beliefs on their back.

was jerry luckier than george? no, he just believed that he was charmed, so he was.

it’s amazing when you shift your mindset to that of – you know what, i AM damn lucky – you start to operate from a place that knows the luck you seek is already nestled safely inside you! ladders or wishbones be damned! you start living a luckier life.

good luck out there, trailblazers!!!

with love,

jenni earle