‘explore more’ wall hanging

You asked, We delivered! a talisman that you can hang on your wall to be reminded each time you see it ~ to get out there and EXPLORE this gorgeous, magical world we live in! hang it in sight of your everyday goings and comings. squeeze just a pinch of exploration into your day, internal or external. and then wander your wild heart out!!

Dowel and string included.

18″ square-ish

screen-printed design on a 100% cotton body

100% cotton vintage-inspired trim

this one reads “explore more”

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we all need a reminder to ‘explore more’

it’s fair to say I ache for adventure. no one has ever had to explain wanderlust to me. I want to see it with my own eyes. I want to feel it. I want to taste it. so when creating these bandanas, “explore more” was right at the tip of my pen.

I grew up in Charleston, West Virginia. it’s a small city/big town nestled in a mountain valley along two intersecting rivers. it was an awesome place to grow up. the hills that were always hovering over us in our sight line felt like they were protecting us from the wider world and we were safe to be wild and free within that space. even a look at the heavens seemed manageable because we were seeing a slice of it.
so you can imagine my first trip to the desert felt like I was visiting a distant planet! the sky was HUGE!!! the colors were washed out and so brightly lit. I think I squinted continually the four days I was there. but it was also so beautiful and raw in its difference and I longed for more. so when my brain starts it’s wanderlust, it’s those vast views, endless horizon lines and yes, cacti that I crave. this is the landscape I paint and dream in. I can close my eyes and see it and I immediately breathe and think more clearly. I am able to explore my own mind more clearly.
so, folks, don’t be contained by where you’ve been. think of all there is to explore. whether it’s inside your own mind or out in the big wide world – rivers, mountains, oceans, deserts, or simply a trip down a local dirt road.
jenni earle

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 11 x 6 x 1 in


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