‘giddy up’ bandana

please use this talisman of ACTION to spark action for living a fuller life, for making the first step toward a more authentic you or giving someone you love this encouragement.

carry, wear or tuck this super soft hand-dyed and triple washed bandana to remember to giddy up!

handmade in winston-salem, north carolina

hand dyed and printed bandana
hand-drawn design words “giddy up” on one corner,
100% southern grown + milled cotton
machine wash cold
slight fading to be expected

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OH, how thrilled we are to reveal the first of two new styles to you this spring!


this talisman is born from the place that sparks action in us all to live a fuller, more authentic life. we all know what we need to do to take a step towards a better, more expressive life… but we sit, stagnant, wishing and hoping, waiting for a catalyst, the guts or permission to make a move. well, friends, here it is!!

complacency be damned!! it’s time to take action.

overcoming that initial inertia is usually the hardest part. deciding which step to take first is often paralyzing, especially if the change you are instigating is a BIG one. but here’s a secret for you. it doesn’t really matter which step you take first, OR if that first step is a mistake that you learn from. it’s the ACTION of taking a step, making a call, searching for a class, walking up and shaking someone’s hand that you admire, putting on the “shoes” of the person you want to be or, Y’ALL, literal new shoes! (i tell ya, if you’ve never slid your feet in a pair of cowboy boots and felt the way it changes your gait to a swagger… maybe the first step is to get yourself to a western store! you don’t have to buy them, but feel just how tall and strong you feel walking across the floor.)

my point being, take a step, that’s what’s important, try, start, make a move. GIDDY UP!

this bandana is the second in a tradition we are calling the “ALL Y’ALL” bandana. this is a term for the bandana that gives 25% of it’s sales to an organization that aligns with it’s meaning and with our core values here at jenni earle. last year, our SPEAK UP bandana allowed us to donate almost $2000 to the Times Up Legal Defense Fund. this year, we are pledging these funds to The Trevor Project!

The Trevor Project is the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning young people under 25.

Suicide is now the SECOND leading cause of death for those between 10 and 24. This number is SO alarming and the risk of children and young adults who are LGBTQ is 2-7 times HIGHER than that of heterosexual youth. Here’s the thing, NO ONE between the age of 10 and 24 should feel that they are out of options, that life is just too difficult to continue. I know harsh realities exist, i’m not saying people in this age group are all frolicking around in the daisies, but if we can get to a place where all young people are treated with respect and dignity, where ALL young people feel even a SLIVER of validation and being seen and accepted, we will reduce this number. and they will grow into adults who know their worth! let’s allow our children be who they are meant to be! let’s celebrate the ways in which they are brave enough to show their unique spirit.

suicide keeps coming up in my life, and i’m sure in all our lives.

i almost lost my own life to suicide. i know how it feels when you think you truly have no choices left and it would be best for everyone to just get out of the way. i also know how it feels to make that call for help and to receive just enough hope to get me to the hospital. as i started to see that i did have value, i began a slow and meaningful climb back to a life that i felt was worth living. i KNOW that helplessness and hopelessness is a moment and there are always options because I found options that i didn’t know existed. i KNOW that we are all worthy of love and connection because i lost my connection to almost everything and scratched and clawed my way back.

let’s keep our eyes and hearts open for those of us who have slipped under the lonely, warped cloak of depression and anger. let’s be brave enough to ask our friends and family if they are ok, and tell them when we are not. show up for each other. show up for yourself.

thank you SO much to The Trevor Project for the badass research, outreach and educational work you are doing to help young people know they are not alone! we are SO psyched to help. GIDDY UP!

if you or someone you know is in crisis PLEASE call or text 1-866-488-7386 

there is help, there is hope, there are options!!

as always! and a little more today,

be brave,

be authentic,

jenni earle


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