‘gimme some sugar’ bandana

hand dyed and printed bandana
hand drawn x’s and o’s design
words “gimme some sugar” on one corner.

21″ X 21″
100% cotton
machine wash cold
slight fading to be expected

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earl puckett was a strong, traditional, coal-mining, tough guy. I hear that he softened up quite a bit when his grandchildren came along, but we still saw him as tough as nails! but at the end of a visit, or before we went to bed, he’d invite us in for a hug and say “gimme some sugar” and we’d knock him a little kiss on the cheek. I loved hearing these words and being enveloped in his strong embrace.
it’s only now as an adult, I realize why that felt so amazing. it’s a beautiful thing to feel strength and vulnerability in someone simultaneously. I don’t know why these two things have EVER been considered mutually exclusive. the times that we are most vulnerable generally require the most courage. and for me the times when I ask for love, for acceptance, for help are the scariest.
I decided to wrap that feeling and sentiment into a sweet lil’ mint green hankie to remind us to ask for what we need, to be soft and vulnerable. to be brave and say, “gimme some sugar” 😉


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