‘high five yourself’ bandana

hand dyed and printed bandana to be used as a talisman for celebration
hand-drawn tile pattern design
mantra “high five yourself” on one corner

handmade in winston-salem, north carolina
21″ X 21″
100% southern grown + milled cotton
machine wash cold


OOOOH WEEEEEE, it’s been a doozy of a year, and we’ve just crossed over the halfway point… It feels redundant to even remark about the craziness, certainly we ALL know and feel the challenges! But as many “opportunities for growth” that we have felt as a collective society, there are just as many personal and private ones that we have been navigating all on our own. 


Loneliness and depression are at an all-time high. Some people are watching too much news and proclaim to be experts while others are retreating and feeling very overwhelmed and adrift. But also, really let this sink in, there is massive change and uplift and kindness happening as well. You may have felt lonelier than ever, but i bet you have also found ways to connect and pull yourself up. The isolation has demanded that we do the doing for ourselves. While that can feel so daunting, those steps you take will matter so much more because you did them for yourself. With no one around to say, “woah, nice work!” We must learn to congratulate ourselves.


Gaby, one of our fabulous team members here at the jenni earle ranch says, “high five yourself” when someone does something worthy of a lil’ celebration. Pre-Rona would laugh and performatively high five ourselves. But somewhere in the midst of COVID shutdowns and working from home and pivots and not being able to touch each other, this phrase became very important to us. We began saying it not only when we did a good thing at work, but also as we stood up for ourselves on a divisive issue with a family member, picked our spirits up after a low couple of days or spoke up for our own self-care. 


That’s what we are celebrating with this bandana. That self-lift!  The part of yourself that identifies the struggle and then, I would say heroically at times like these, turns your effort towards soothing or solutions. By taking a moment to recognize that you did well for yourself is the very first step towards repeating those actions and therefore feeling better and doing better. This is all defined by you of course! I high-fived myself the other day because I stayed away from my computer for a full day. This is not a complaint by any means, but we have been BUSY. Blissfully busy. We have been making many encouraging face masking bandanas for y’all and loving every minute of it. We love being part of keeping y’all safe! But sometimes mama needs a break from the pixels, you know? So, as the sun went down, I was still in the yard moving garden beds and listening to podcasts, I high fived myself for stepping away, getting lost with the earth for a day, and rejuvenating my spirit. 


Keep your eye out for opportunities to both high five yourself and to point out when others need to high five themselves! You might not be able to touch that stranger on the street that is obviously on their first run in a long time, but they are out there doing it! “High five yourself, mister!!” Limits are being challenged, long-held beliefs are being challenged. “High five yourself, friend!” You are going out of your way to make sure your elderly neighbor’s trashcans are rolled out to the street and back in at night. “High five yourself, sister!” You got out of bed today and put on pants with a button and zipper, “High five yourself, ma’am!” 


Every choice you make not to sink into anger and passivity is a feat of strength. Don’t take it for granted. You are strong and capable and so worthy of celebrating!


High five yourself!


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