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1990's wrangler denim jacket - one of a kind

there's little i love more in the world than a good denim jacket. this year i had some help gathering up a few really good ones and have made them one of a kind just for you! 

this one is accented on the back with Pendleton wool patterned fabric and an overlay of embroidery. a "luck is believing you're lucky" patch on the sleeve and a lightning bolt over the pocket.

This denim is perfectly classic. I designed it thinking of the different paths we can take in our lives. how even with varying choices our lives unfold as layers, not a linear path going from point A to point B. these layers build on one another, not unlike the rings of a tree, each one teaching us something different and we grow and learn.  

this jacket measures 25" across the chest, i would mark it as a LG/XL 

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