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LTD RUN 'no trails needed' bandana

LTD RUN 'no trails needed' bandana

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Hand dyed and printed bandana to be used as a talisman for perseverance


21 x 21 inches


handmade in winston-salem, north carolina


100% southern grown + milled cotton


machine wash cold

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introducing our collaboration bandana, "no trails needed"

inspired by one of our favorites: contemporary, western artist Dolan Geiman! carry this bandana to remind you that there may not be trail posts to show the way, but listening closely to your gut will always lead you home.  

"I grew up on a farm, caught crickets and baled hay. Now I catch moths, make sculptures out of found relics, and chase elk in the mountains where there are no trails."

– artist Dolan Geiman

y’all, i am over the moon to share this collaboration with you. made from found objects, metal, wood, and paper, Dolan Geiman’s multimedia collages celebrate the great outdoors and explore a rural Virginia upbringing similar to my own West Virginia youth.

i studied the repetitive zigs and zags of the shapes he cuts, observed the many ways his subject matter overlaps mine, and made this bandana just for you, trailblazer.

XO, jenni

The moth is a recurring motif in Dolan’s work. Why?

"The moth is one of those characters who gets overshadowed (no pun intended) by his more glamorous cousin, the butterfly. He does the same job, yet under the cover of darkness, and so I appreciate his modesty and ability to keep doing his art, even if no one is watching."

visit dolan's site
  • 'no trails needed' mantra in one corner

  • hand drawn geometric + moth motif design

  • hand-dyed, small batch color 'navy'

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