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meditation kit
$48.00 - $72.00
we have gathered the tools to get you set for meditative exploration
for home or travel, this kit will support your desire to level up your wellbeing practice

our foundational set includes:
  • 4 quartz points - quartz is said to be helpful as a talisman to remind us to actively clear negative energy from ourselves, our habits and patterns. can also be used to point to a central stone to amplify that stone's meaning, amplifying your intentional work.
  • 1 palo santo stick, “take courage” mantra to remind you each time you light this savory olfactory delight and center yourself for meditation, that authenticity starts with bravery. they are sustainably sourced and printed by One Love Holistics. light one end just until it starts to produce smoke and wave around your head, heart and space to set a grounded intention before you begin your meditation practice. 
  • book of jenni earle matches, domestically made - there is space inside to write a dream, so every time you strike a match, you can read and realign make that dream a reality.
  • cotton canvas kit bag, made in texas - to carry it all + whatever else you need to add in for your personal wellness. 

optional add on! choose one of our essential oil roller + stone sets to add an intentional support to your meditation kit.

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$48.00 - $72.00