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flyer for renegade craft fair in chicago


come on over to the Bridgeport Art Center for the renegade craft fair and shop the most beautiful handmade goods ever collected in one space. (i’m not tooting my own horn, i’m happy to be the one who slipped through to stand amongst these handmade geniuses!)

while doing the renegade show in NYC i swooned over woodcrafts, pottery, cashmere robes, perfume that is dialed into your astrological sign! (i came home with that one, it being scorpio season and all) SO many good things, so much inspiration of people taking their craft to unseen heights. if you are in the area, you gotta come.

we will be there with the full lineup of bandanas and hankies! we’ll have stickers to hand out and hope to have some good conversations and squelch some holiday nerves with the perfect gift!

We’ll be on the ground level as you come in, booth 31! see you there (we hope!)


jenni earle