roam free bandana posed

new fall style! ROAM FREE y’all

roam free

two of my favorite words… 

roam: it’s that wonderful, aimless wandering that happens when we have time that isn’t scheduled. it’s that walking around while only being guided by our senses instead of a deadline, looking closely to see, hear and smell something that draws our interest.

free: this word always makes me think of wide open spaces. getting to the summit of a mountainous hike and feeling all that air expanding from and around me or stepping out of the car while driving down a long dirt road. why does the feeling of solitude go with the feeling of free to me… hmmm, might need to have a therapy session about that. is that normal? freedom = solitude. I think that’s pretty normal, especially for women, we are the most free when no one is looking at us, holding us to expectations, demands and responsibilities, etc. so that makes sense… phew.

roam free is something we ALL need more of. 

we can get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget to let our minds wander! now, there are many ways to do this in our daily life through meditation, visioning and the like. but truly the BEST way to let our minds roam free is to get those feet out in whatever nature is available/favorite to you. there are studies done that show when we are out of doors, brave and barefoot, no tasks in our brain, listening to the surroundings, feeling the air on our skin, feeling the earth under us, we undergo a physiological change for the better. 

i mean take your vitamins and such, but get outside, explore the world around you. it doesn’t take a flight and a month of vacation, this can be achieved in your own local area. 

just roam free. 

what does this bring to your mind?

go do those things

go find the wildness that your body longs for

get dirty

get wet

get sweaty

feel that wind

feel your wildness!

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