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It’s time for Shoppe Object in NYC y’all

When you start with an idea, not envisioning an end goal, but just following a curiosity as a maker, it really blows your socks off when people respond with such affection to what you’re doing. Especially when those people are kickass, maker champions that you’ve looked up to for years. 

This is how I feel about Shoppe Object in New York. 

Shoppe Object is a brand new wholesale show for the home and gift market. The individuals behind Aesthetic Movement are debuting their show to the trade this month as an alternative/supplement to NY Now. I’ve not been to NY Now, so I can’t speak on what that show is like, but we have set up in Atlanta for their home and gift show twice now. What I can tell you is this, walking the halls at America’s Mart sometimes feels dated and in need of an overhaul, until you cross the threshold at Aesthetic Movement. I would honestly move into and live a happy life in that beautiful space! 

If you don’t know Aesthetic Movement (A/M), you should! They are a think tank for smart, creative collaborations and a harbinger of style. They seek out and make meaningful outlets of sales for small, established and extraordinary makers. ( and we are so grateful : ) 

As we know, retail as a whole is changing. New ways for buyers to find small handmade businesses online are popping up and giving boutique owners a way to have unique lines in their stores without having to go to the large wholesale shows. But even with that said, we still love the personal connection that comes from a face to face meet up! 

To that end, A/M thought the New York home and gift industry could use a little shake up so they are launching this brand new show! We are thrilled to be a part of the first one and with the line up of vendors that I’ve seen on the website, anyone who comes is in for a visual, tactile, hand-crafted treat!

I hope to see ya there!


jenni earle