speak up even if your voice shakes banana

SPEAK UP!!! new style for a brave new year!!

the golden globes are the new red bull, y’all. WOWZA!!! are we pumped from those speeches last evening!?!

we hope you saw them, if not, please proceed to youtube immediately and watch.

these are the voices that are shaping our future, folks! shaping our CHILDREN’S future. these are the voices that will finally make the wave of equality rise up, crest and crash the old ways of thinking. the amazing thing about these voices is not that they are dressed up fancy and standing on a stage at the golden globes in hollywood. nope. it’s that they are YOUR voices. it’s not the magnificent Oprah making a kickass speech, NO! that’s the effect. the catalyst is you. she is making that speech because you are no longer silencing yourself, no longer brushing it off as “the way things are,” but no longer.

(it really was a truly amazing speech! and we will probably watch it a few more times before the day is up.)

it is the build-up right now. it is the churning, the belly ache, the wondering if our story is worth telling. i will answer that right now, without hesitation, yes! now is the moment of courage to use that beautiful voice of yours to incite change. your story is valid and needs to be heard.

oh, and by the way, we have a talisman for that! introducing: SPEAK UP!



they will be ready to ship by the end of january

we started working on this back in November, during the #metoo revolution and just knew it had to be one of our spring styles. the momentum of that movement is even bigger and bolder now and more inspiring than we imagined. with the new, Time’s Up initiative, really blowing our hair back! a large group of influential women ~ Reese Witherspoon, Oprah, Shonda Rhimes, Jennifer Garner, Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, Anita Hill and on and on and on, over 60 in total (!!) have started a legal defense fund to aid all the women experiencing harassment or abuse in their workplace to be able to draw from to get legal representation.

we immediately donated our own money but also decided that 25% of the proceeds from EVERY sale of this bandana will go to Time’s Up. this comes from a very real place of being stuck in a situation where I couldn’t continue a legal battle because my opposition had the money to keep twisting and furthering the process when I didn’t. NO MORE. Times’s UP!! Thank you to all those who are championing this initiative. ROCK STARS, every one of ya!   read more about Time’s Up here

we are a bunch of ladies SICK to death of staying quiet!!! amen! let’s rally around our sisters, let’s listen to their stories and hear our own in them. let’s find the common ground we all stand upon as women and support each other. help each other be heard! speak up!

as always,

but really now more than ever!!

be brave, be authentic,

jenni earle


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