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‘stay golden’ inspiration

the spring limited run bandana is HERE!!! i wanted to tell you a little bit more about the meaning behind the design.

i came across a symbol recently on pinterest (i LOVE symbols) that is how the vikings communicated “create your own reality” and woah did it blow my hair back! i knew this symbol had to be the core of the spring limited edition talisman.

create your own reality! that is the essential core of our message here at jenni earle! you decide what your life should look like. you decide what you add your effort and time to. you decide what socks to put on your feet each day. hell yes.

i looked at that symbol.
and i drew it and thought about it and drew it some more.

so here’s what my intention is with this one:
the reality that i hope we can all create is one where we feel in control (of what we can control, it’s not everything people, it’s very little actually, but what we can control), where we feel powerful and strong, where there we take chances on ourselves and believe that we can DO the things that we dream about! we can get them out of the dusty corners and shine a light on them and DO them! we can bring parts of ourselves that we loved when we were children back to the light!! you know, the dancing in a sprinkler, stomping in the creek, cartwheeling parts. the parts that are what we love about ourselves when no one else is looking. that is the truth of you. that’s what you need to hold on to when you are creating your reality.


do you see the compass? do you see the many directions you can go? see the magical stars i included so you felt like you had special forces at your side?
i put those there for you.

around this same time, the saying “stay golden” kept coming into my brain, because it’s just SO good. so i looked it up to make sure it meant to the rest of the world what it means to me.

stay true; be yourself; never change.
“no matter what happens, I’ll stay golden.”
what a perfect combination this symbol + this mantra make. stay true to your truest self while creating your reality… so here it is, a dreamy peach talisman to aid in all your trueness and creating!
directions for use: lay in the sunshine with this bandana over your face and hear your truest heart laughing and telling you the best secrets. hear the small changes you can make to start building a more authentic life for yourself! hear the yahooing that your soul bellows as you stand up straighter in your knowing!
there are endless ways to roam, there are endless realities to build, there’s no blueprint you just have to trust yourself.
i’ve added a dreamcatcher element to help capture the negative bullshit and filter it out so you can focus on your highest and best.
we’re right here rooting for ALL y’all beautiful trailblazers!!
with gratitude,
be brave,
be authentic,
jenni earle

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June 4, 2019 at 12:39 am

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