welcome new year!!!

hey y’all,

welcome to the new year!

i love new year, it’s my official favorite holiday. not new year’s eve! not times square lights and hangovers. (i do love champagne…) but no, it’s really new year season.


in the days leading up to it, i love the way my brain and heart start to prepare with forecasting goals and identifying things I want to let go of that don’t serve me anymore. i physically manifest what is going on in my brain with a good cleaning out of closets and junk drawers. i go though that weird pile of papers that always gets caught, as if in a current, on the corner of my kitchen countertop.


i find it important to take stock of what is in our lives and our hearts and make a conscious decision of what belongs there and what needs to be released. some things need to get the hell out, others can be lovingly ushered out. all the pain, old beliefs, grudges, etc. are part of what brought us to now, but if it doesn’t serve what you’ve decided is your highest and best, give it a “thank you, next.”


one of the biggest goals i have for this year is to dig deeper into the importance of STORY.


story is at the center of how we learn and become inspired to change. the poet Rumi talks about the Open Secret: that we all carry on answering the question of “how are you?” with a “oh, fine! how are you?” “good!” it all seems innocent enough. but most often both people walk away wondering, ‘how does she have her shit together when i am struggling…?’ We can feel like we are always behind and now we have social media to give us a daily dose of comparison pain!


my point in all this is to say, we need to be more authentic in our interaction.


we need to share our stories, especially when they are embarrassing, especially when we are hurting, especially when we need to be reminded that we are not just one thing! the more we share, the stronger we ALL become. the more comfortable we become in our humanness.

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to that end, i am going to share more of my story with you this year. how I have come to be the woman i am, the mistakes and misjudgments that taught me so much about how I want to live in the world, the mother i am and so on. it’s gonna get a little messy, but as george strait says, “it’s amazing what a man can see by the light of a burning bridge.”


we are also gonna be bringing you YOUR stories (i’m so excited about this…) in a few ways:


1) we are going to interview and share the stories of some of the amazing humans that are a part of this community. your stories have touched us SO deeply and deserve to be retold and held as beautiful specimens of what it is to be human. if you have a story of your own (and i know you do, because we all do!) please write and share it with us!


2) i’m starting a “DEAR JENNI EARLE,” part of the blog. i want to answer questions y’all have about life, bravery, fear, fashion, ice cream, anything really!! because i’ve done quite a lot of livin’ and have made many mistakes, i can spin out some GOOD advise.

be warned: i’m a straight talker, you will get an candid and authentic answer.

do you have a question for me? write to holler@jenniearle.com


you will also continue to hear from Elise Wallace. i’m so psyched she has agreed to continue to tell you more about her story. she is also going to be writing from a place of reflection on doing this work, meeting the amazing community here, her take on bravery and adventure and who knows what else! i, for one, can’t wait to find out.


i am infinitely grateful and proud of the community we are building of brave, authentic badass adventurers. let’s share, y’all.


meet me back here in a week…


be brave,

be authentic,

jenni earle