we’re in MARTHA STEWART LIVING y’all!!

we are SO thrilled… wait, thrilled doesn’t even cover it…

let’s pause here look it up for further explanation of how we feel:

ecstatic, euphoric, floating, on cloud nine, elated, rapturous…

that’s closer!

let’s go southern, i think that may do it:

tickled pink, pleased as punch, tickled to death

YES! that’s it!


we are TICKLED TO DEATH to be featured in the holiday gift list of Martha Stewart Living Magazine this month! i can still hear my grandmother, chloe, saying this while giggling with such joy that she doubled over! that’s the way we felt when we drove in the pouring rain to barnes & noble last night to see if the december issue of the magazine had been put out on the shelf and it WAS! and we are really in there!!! (ha. i tend not to believe things until i see them in black and white.) what a dream come true.

it has been amazing to see the universe line up to have my back on this project. i explain it by saying that it has felt like i steered my boat into the flow of the current. the work of making these talismans, for emboldening you to live more bravely, more freely, feels to me like what i was put on this earth to do. when you show up to meet your purpose, the energies of the world respond. i and my amazing team, jan allison, my sweet mama, kari allison and elise wallace, not to mention all the friends and family that come together when i need them, are living proof of that.

i am so very humbled.

i am so, so very grateful.

i am tickled to death.

and i am more than anything, excited to keep WORKING and making and see what happens next!

thank you ALL for your support as we grow this brand.

your stories of bravery and adventure are why we do this!!

happiest of days to you!! we gotta go toast with some champagne now…

(cue Party in the USA by Miley Cirus)


jenni earle

p.s. here’s a little snippet of our cold, soggy team seeing the magazine for the first time!

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November 18, 2018 at 1:01 pm

Oh my goodness, girl!! I am so stinkin’ proud of you! AHHHHH!!!