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wild hearts club

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oh, where do I start with this one…

I have been called and been happy to label myself “wild-hearted” for the whole of my life. I am so grateful when life offers me another wild heart to join me on this journey of life. When asked what that means, I struggle to come up with a definition. I say lots of words like, curious and drawn to new experiences, willing to step over fear to the unknown, but felt like this was a time to pull in some big hitters for help. I reached out for the wise women who, through their writing, have become like soul sisters to me. 

Danielle LaPorte, the author of Desire Map, defines wild-hearted as 

“a free, untamed soul. uncontrolled, especially in the pursuit of pleasure. a person who has survived a struggle, but is still strong.” 

that’s a pretty damn good explanation, Danielle. I hesitate around the word uncontrolled because there is negative connotation there, but I do know what she’s getting at. There is a need to give up control of the outcome, to let your body move to music without a particular dance step in mind, for example. but wild-hearted doesn’t mean reckless. It doesn’t mean uncaring. 

I feel the wildness most when the wind starts to whip up and there’s a big storm coming. I am pulled to the outdoors, where I stand, arms outstretched, in the wild whirling wind with leaves swirling around, birds seeking shelter, the sky darkens… it’s those times that feel the most like the world matches my internal spirit. 

I felt like researcher/storyteller Brene Brown reached into my gut when she wrote her book, Braving the Wilderness

It is all about listening to our internal voice and stepping out of the comfort of what others see us as, to claim our truest versions of ourselves. She perfectly describes what it feels like, through those first hard steps of this process. As you leave behind the spaces and people that prefer you to stay in the neatly constructed boxes they’ve built for you, it may feel like you will be alone in the wilderness. And you are in a way. Beautifully, quietly alone. But what you don’t know is there is a crew of wild-hearted people waiting for you deep in that forest, who have done that hard work of defining exactly what their truth is.

These people, Brene describes, have “braved criticism, fear and hurt. They stand alone and with others. They are tough and tender, excited yet scared. The wild-hearted person sees the struggles and injustices in the world, works to better them and is still able to find joy in life.”

“To know you can navigate the wilderness on your own—to know that you can stay true to your beliefs, trust yourself, and survive it—that is true belonging.” ~ Brene Brown

that may as well be the Wild Hearts Club motto!

This is a club I want to belong to! Even if I sometimes feel like I am the only member. 

This is a club I want to invite you to be a member of! Even if you aren’t sure how to take those first steps or are pretty confident you could be the president of such a club.

Flat image of wild hearts clubWear this talisman with pride. We need all the wild-hearted people to know there are safety and joy in the wilderness. There are strength and hope in those moments of solitude, wild wind whipping around in your beautiful soul. The image in the middle of this bandana is a feather that reads “stay true.” That is a reminder to be faithful to that wild heart of yours because it will carry you far.

as always, 

be brave, be authentic,

jenni earle


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