Women in the World Summit – NYC

y’all, WOW oh WOW. i don’t even know where to begin with this one…

so i’ll start at the beginning.

we were OVER the MOON thrilled to be asked to participate in the 10th Women in the World Summit.  so we made some new display items (because, you know, Oprah!) and off Kari and I went towards the big apple. there were a few hiccups: kari’s daughter got bit by a rabid fox (!!!!) as we crossed over maryland state border (her wuzband handled it extremely well and she is healing now after a round a shots), we forgot to pee and eat before entering the northbound new jersey turnpike, a road with NO exits or pit stops for what seems like 158 miles (i was seriously contemplating how to pee in the car as we sat still in traffic in the lincoln tunnel because, as my grandmother used to say, “my eyeballs were floatin’!”)

OTHER than that, the trip and load in couldn’t have gone smoother. we were ready to for our people, we were ready for sales! I say sales loosely as we view sales here as connections. if you’ve met me at a show, you know i’m not saying this lightly. i LOVE connecting with people who are doing the work, showing up to their life and their voice, or just starting to, OR wanting to!!

meeting and talking with humans who want to be braver is the gas in my oven, y’all.

Oh, did we meet some women! One woman is hiking the highest 15 peaks in the world! One was a business coach living in Prague! One was an educational consultant with some amazing stories about the work she is doing to reshape how our children learn. One going through her second fight with breast cancer, head up, shoulders back, finding beauty in her day… and the list goes on. it is always fun to pull the story out of the shy ones. they are usually holding a golden story!

what you realize though as you sit behind a booth and have amazing conversations all day is that we ALL, truly all, have a story, a struggle, a triumph, a beautiful wild heart wanting to connect and be heard.

these are the women we drove to new york to meet and connect with. but these are also the women we know and love in our daily life. the women that ring up our groceries or give us an eye exam. these are the women reading this blog post.

you have a story.

you have a purpose.

you have a reason to speak up and tell someone what makes you tick.

a valid reason.

so go on…

make your art, sing your song, start your business, organize your outreach program, whatever the work is.


you know we’ll be right here rooting for ya!

thank you renegade craft fair for inviting us to participate! just when i think y’all can’t get ANY cooler… you find new ways to blow my hair back!

thank you women in the world for hosting a crew of women makers from around the country!

thank you crew of women makers for being so inspiring and open and rad!!

thanks for reading this post, i do this work for you.

look for a newsletter coming soon where i’m going to highlight some of our favorite speakers from the week.

be brave,

be authentic,

jenni earle