we are making these hand dyed bandanas as a talisman for bravery and adventure. for a bolder, stronger you.

a you that takes no shit,

a you that knows your value and speaks up for yourself.

there are times when we all need something to touch and hold to remember how badass we already are in our core. it is our hope that we can ALL become our most kickass selves by being brave enough to listen closely to our wild hearts and then to have the courage to act on it’s behalf.

so often we let chances to be completely lit up by life pass us by because we don’t know for sure what the result will be. we might not ever know for sure what might happen if we take a risk, but if we DON’T listen closely, if we don’t take the risk that our heart is asking of us, i know for sure we will suffer. that is what these bandanas are about. grab hold of one and take the leap. blaze that trail that only you can blaze! be brave every damn chance you get!

don’t let anything bury your wild heart, your brave spirit, your truth!

Jenni Earle
Earl Franklin Puckett

meet earl…

Earl Franklin Puckett is the inspiration for the surname of this project. he is my grandfather and the strongest, bravest, most consistent man I know.

born august 5, 1932, he grew up in oak hill, west virginia and became a coal miner, at just 14 years old, just like his dad and uncles and brothers before him. he entered the mines when they chipped coal out of the mountain with pick axes and donkeys were the engines that pulled the coal trailers. when I was young, he would come home from the mines covered from head to toe in coal dust. the stories that were told of the mines around the supper table were of pitch darkness, roof pins that might buckle at any minute and entire days spent in a space the size of a refrigerator box. not willing to settle, earl took every class he could and continued to work his way up throughout his career in the dark. at retirement, he was an electrician and the boss of his crew. I didn’t know when i was little what hard work was, but I imagined I would be measuring my effort against his for the whole of my life (I was right). He inspired me to make bandanas for the brave, like him, and now like me.

news + notes

‘explore more’ with your SISTERS

this month we’re thinking a lot about exploring: where to go & what to do but also what happens when you push yourself to explore. uncharted territory usually means there will be some discomfort, but also vision and growth. we want to understand the words that inspire us and end up on the bandanas. when…

welcome new year!!!

hey y’all, welcome to the new year! i love new year, it’s my official favorite holiday. not new year’s eve! not times square lights and hangovers. (i do love champagne…) but no, it’s really new year season.   in the days leading up to it, i love the way my brain and heart start to…

Make Time to Love Yourself

Hey y’all this is Elise! So excited to share my stories and thoughts through this awesome blog. How is it already halfway through December?! My favorite part of this season is that my friends and family are much more willing to get together. I don’t care about the decorations or traditions, I’m into the ritual.…

mavenly + co

hey y’all! i am excited to report that mavenly + co. profiled our company on their awesome and inspiring website! created by Kate Gremillion and Tallia Deljou to help women go from where they are in their careers to where they truly want to be. with Tallia’s expertise in mindset and career coaching, and Kate’s corporate…

we are the wild-hearted, the trailblazing, the groundbreakers that are ready for a shift in the structure that has always been settled for as the “way things are”.

with the awareness that we co-created the reality we live in, acknowledging that we were part of allowing our voices to be muffled and our work to be under valued,

it only takes one moment to wake up and see the injustice that has been going on in our world. to choose to see through the eyes of a child. where everyone is equal, should play fair and share with each other.

if you haven’t been paying attention, all you need do is pick a protest! equal pay for all genders, equal rights for all humans no matter who they love or what gender they identify with, just and kind paths to citizenship, the right of all humans to breath clean air, and the list goes on and on.

we aren’t selling protest banners here, we are selling the courage to get angry and speak up. we are selling bravery to settle into that knowing of your own power and voice. what we are about here at jenni earle, is listening closely to that big beautiful wild heart that is beating in your chest. that is your voice, your truth! it will never lead you wrong. take the time to stop and listen, start small if it’s scary, but listen. and then have the bravery to act. that’s it, be brave enough to hear the sound of your voice match the sound of your heart. that truly is the ultimate in self-care. bubble baths be damned… show up to your life! live boldly and unapologetically!

staying clear on what is “right” and “just” in your own heart will guide all your interactions with such integrity and badassery! that is when you start really showing up to your life with your whole self!! and guess what? it feels amazing.

welcome to your life, trailblazer.
be brave, every chance you get.

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