Collection: Bandanas

jenni earle bandanas are designed to be trusty talismans no matter what path you're on. each bandana is emblazoned with a mantra meant to inspire, uplift, and guide you through life's journey. they're not just stylish accessories; they're little pieces of wearable wisdom! so whether you're tying it on for a sun-soaked hike, using it to jazz up your hairdo, or simply clutching it for some much-needed courage, our bandanas are here to remind you of your potential. find your mantra, live your mantra with our transformative bandanas.

Have you met our wild rags?

like our classic jenni earle bandanas, these special wild rags are hand dyed and emblazoned with hand drawn designs, but they are much larger, use a traditional Japanese dying technique called Shibori to produce tie-dye like patterns, and are made of an airy, lightweight cotton. think of them as a bit more scarf-like than our regular bandanas!