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about us

each one is made with you in mind. that’s right, YOU. we are squeezing conviction and COURAGE into each one, right along with the dye, so that you can define your life on your terms.

we begin with 100% COTTON that is grown and milled right here in the south. our sew house in South Carolina cuts and sews the cotton into 22” squares of SOFT, PURE white cotton. then it comes to us in Winston Salem, north carolina. after a good WASH to breakdown the starch, we DYE each one BY HAND. we infuse our authenticity, confidence and MOXIE into the fabric.

hand drawn hand dyed hand sewn hand packaged earl puckett approved

after a few more washes, until it is like butter in our HANDS, we send it up the street to get dressed with our hand drawn design. this is the final layer of MAGIC. each talisman has it’s own MANTRA that is designed to root you on as you take life by the horns and show it who is BOSS.

after they are folded and packaged, we keep them safe and dry until you decide.

the gang is all here, trailblazer, and we’re waiting for YOU.

there’s nothing we love more than to see the outpouring of bravery from this community as we all strive to live more authentic lives! y’all are doing the work of stepping outside your comfort zone, climbing mountains, real and otherwise, expressing your inner voices and tying on a bandana to show the world you mean business.

living an authentic life starts with one choice; to validate your own voice. it’s a choice we make over and over again throughout the day. we see you!! you are killin’ it!! and we are rooting for you to keep making that bold choice again and again.

the love of bandanas started early with me. growing up in west virginia, i loved working in the garage with my grandpa, earl. (would you look at those hard working hands! i love his hands…) he always had a bandana tucked into his pocket that he’d use to wipe the sawdust off a piece of furniture he was building or clean his hands after coming out from under the hood of a car. he never said, “you’re too young to help”, or “you’re a girl, so probably shouldn’t run the drill press”. when he wasn’t looking, i would swipe that bandana and hold it, trying to channel all his strength and bravery into my being.

holding that 22” square of cotton, i felt like i could conquer anything. the bandana became a talisman for me, a symbol of that bravery.

forever a maker, i am bringing earl’s bandana to you.

we make these bandanas so you can have a symbol of your own strength and bravery to hold, wear or carry to remind you how capable you already are to authentically live the life you choose.