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hey y'all!
it is very important right now, as we all socially distance to keep our minds working and happy!

we put together a few resources for you!
enjoy a coloring meditation, download a mantra card or writing prompt worksheet.
please tag @thisisjenniearle when you take a photo of your work!
we’d love to see!!

take care and stay well, trailblazers.

wild hearts club
remind yourself that you are part of a wild, brave gang of trailblazers that is rooting for you!
texas dreamin’
help calm that wanderlust in your soul. coloring works so well as a meditation!
give a damn
remind yourself that you are part of humankind. we are gotta work together right now!
discover your purpose
start the process of digging a little deeper toward that authentic voice in your core. what are you here to do, say and express? we can’t wait to see…
chin up buttercup
remind yourself that great perseverance is just one step at a time. look for the light and be grateful for what is.
create your reality
remind yourself you are in control of how you use your time and resources. imagine you’re in a chysalis right now… what is your life gonna be on the other side of the rona?… now create it!
i’m still standing
connect with your sense of perseverance. we can do hard things. you can do hard things. we’re rooting for you!
rest is productive
“rest is productive” y’all!! we are all getting a lesson in that these days. this coloring page is a reminder to yourself that there is a time for physical productivity and a time for rest and recuperation. a slow, easy walk, a restorative yoga practice… rest.
we are ALL in this TOGETHER
remind yourself you are not alone! it all feels isolating right now and scary, but we are in it together! look for the good, look for the helpers. we are rooting for you!!
mantra word search
which mantra jumps out at you? take your chances to see if you can find all the encouragement in our mantra word search!