12 ways to give hope this year

12 ways to give hope this year

This year more than ever, we need hope. All of us. But mot definitely some people need help more than others. This season we want to share ways for you to give hope. 

1. $10 to a food bank can generate up to 70 meals! 

It doesn't have to be a big donation to make a big difference 
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check the website of your local food banks to see a list of their immediate needs. For those of you close by the Jenni Earle ranch, check out the northwest NC Second Harvest Food Bank


2. tutor children virtually 

So many children are struggling with learning online, especially younger children. Teachers all over the country are doing an amazing job carrying on throughout this pandemic. Let's support them by helping the children learn to read and do math and understand cells! Check out volunteermatch.org.

3. donate to doctors without borders  

They are doing amazing work around the world to help communities with little healthcare infrastructure navigate this pandemic.

4. consider a small, recurring gift 

Instead of a big lump sum. if the idea of a large amount coming out of your bank account is stressful, it is to me, look to see if the place you want to donate to has a recurring setting so you can donate $5-10 dollars a week or month! 

5. check in on neighbors 

Especially elderly or healthcare workers. Idea: you can leave them a handwritten note with your number at their door for them to reach out if they need anything. The simple act of knowing that someone sees you is so reassuring and can make a huge impact.

6. virtual volunteering  

Sites like volunteermatch.org and idealist.org have lots of ideas and opportunities.

7. Be my eyes

It's a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers for visual assistance through a live video call. SO COOL!

8. give blood! 

If you are able, blood banks are severely low. The Red Cross provides great information about this opportunity. 

9. help your community

The mutual aid network is a hyper local craigslist where people can post their needs and get them filled. 

10. support health care workers

What a marathon these brave amazing humans are running. They are facing exhaustion on mental, emotional and physical fronts. There is a go fund me site that is exclusively for the campaigns of health care workers. You could call a local unit and arrange a food or treat delivery, or find you own unique way to shower them with gratitude.

11. check in on those who are caring for others

Be that young children or elderly parents or loved ones. We can all use a network of support right now, and some more than others. Consider who can use some help.

12. All this to say, keep your eyes and heart open and help where you can. 

It helps to help. Volunteering really is an amazing mood booster. Choose to serve others this season, and be safe.  
It helps them and it helps you. win:win!
loving gratitude to everyone.
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