20 bandana uses

20 bandana uses

The days are longer, the weather is warming up, the world is opening up (slowly, safely!). It might actually be time to get out and about, have a friend over for a meal, deliver a present to someone, go for a hike! Whatever you are getting ready to do this season, take a bandana with you. It’s kind of our job, but we’re obsessed with tracking ALL the ways you can use a bandana. Here are 25 ways that we’ve catalogued:

  1. Headscarf

Wear it ‘pirate style’ when you need to contain that hair. Tie a knot in each corner to make it fit. (check out other ways to style your bandana).


     2. Cloth napkin!

A bandana is meant to get a little dirty. Don’t be afraid to use it as a napkin for a dinner party. Not only will your table setup look more colorful, and original, you can throw the bandanas in the wash after and reuse them again and again. (what about using them for a birthday party or wedding? They can be a great take-home gift for guests!)


    3. Gift wrap

What if the wrapping paper is a gift too?! Save some paper and make your gift stand out: wrap a small gift in a bandana (or use our Wild Rag for a bigger box!)



   4. Bandana face mask

Of course you all are way too familiar with this idea, but we had to put it out there. The CDC still recommends face masks and social distancing, even with all the vaccinations happening, so keep your bandana handy for businesses (and friends) that still require it.


   5. Tube top

Heck yeah you heard me! For those of y’all in the southeast and west, you can probably get away with wearing a bandana tube top this time of year! Personally, I like pulling off this look when I go to the beach: you have a swimsuit underneath and a bandana is oh so helpful on the beach (sweatband, hair control, wiping off excess sunscreen or sand out of your eyes). Of course, our Wild Rag also works too!


   6. Handkerchief

Remember bandana use #2? Don’t be afraid to get your talisman dirty. Wipe off sweat, dirt, or dare I say blow your nose?


  7. Make-shift purse

Tie two opposite corners together and load it up, and then tie the remaining opposing corners together. Boom! You’ve got a small, but helpful bag to carry small items, or a yummy snack.


  8. Dog bandana

C’mon. Who doesn’t love a dog in a bandana?! (pssst put your pooch in our getup and tag us!)


  9. Sleep mask

Now that traveling is slowly becoming more common again, you might find yourself on a train, plane or in a long car ride and need some shut eye before your adventure. A bandana is a great sleep mask for the sensitive sleepers out there.


  10. Cleaning rag

That’s right. We’re not above the practical necessities in life. If you’re a house that is focused on reusing items and reducing single-use products, use a bandana as a cleaning rag instead of paper towels.


  11. Hat band

With sunny days ahead, the hats are coming out too! Spice up your straw hat or floppy fashion cap with a bandana.  


  12. Belt

Who knew a bandana could be so many things! Wrap one of our bandanas, or a larger Wild Rag through your belt loops for a cute, and functional accessory to your outfit.


  13. Baby bib

Y’all, life can be a mess! Got a little one who is hungry? Use a bandana as a cute bib that will keep baby clean.



  14. Pocket square

Whether you are going to a formal event or just going out for dinner (but after a year of a pandemic, we want to dress up for any reason!), a bandana can be a nice pocket square that gives your outfit a color pop and step up!


   15. Food strainer

Alright all you campers out there, making some pasta in the woods over an open fire? Use a bandana to strain water from your dinner. Yum yum!


   16. Water filter

Still thinking about all you hikers and backpackers: pour water through your bandana to filter out large debris. This will not remove microbial contaminants, but it can be a huge help if you have a not-so-great water source. 


   17. Cold compress

Anyone experiencing side effects from the Covid vaccine second dose? Or maybe your eyes are puffy from springtime allergies. Either way, a bandana is the perfect cold compress. Add ice or water and soothe your side effects. 


   18. Menstrual pad

Okay, we keep amping up the ‘dirty’ uses. I’m not joking though, and I’m also quite serious when I say I’ve used this in a pinch. Out of tampons? No toilet paper around? Yep, you know what to do. 


   19. Clothes patch

If you can part with your bandana in its original form, give it new life, and reinvent that pair of jeans you ripped a hole in. 


   20. Pony tail hair band 

Hold your hair back, and make it look good. Plus, you’re less likely to lose a bandana (those elastic hair bands are always disappearing!)



Get out there, use your Jenni Earle bandana!

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