3 new goals for 2020

3 new goals for 2020

The year is only halfway over and already it has been tough. I’m sure there are many good things going on (remember when the Supreme Court ruled that transgender and gay persons cannot be fired from their jobs for their sexual orientation & identification?), but collectively it feels as though one bad thing comes rolling in after another, and another. The year began with Australia on fire: endangered species were threatened even more, people lost their homes, a beautiful, biodiverse part of the world  was destroyed; then threats of war with Iran popped up during the Impeachment trials of Donald Trump; COVID kills hundreds of thousands (still is claiming lives), cancels trips, wounds economies and in the USA the virus is still a dark cloud hanging over our heads and hearts; the unjust murder of George Floyd (and others. say their names.) ignites world-wide protests.

 On 2019 New Year’s Eve we shared a post about setting goals for 2020. Many of those topics are great goals, but it feels like we need to reassess our goals, and our selves, in light of recent events, traumas, accomplishments and growth.

How do we anchor ourselves during a time that is so unpredictable? I find myself grieving for things that have happened during the past seven months, and also for things that have not happened – because they might not be able to happen (this is called anticipatory grief).

Go home. Go back to your foundations. Remember what has carried you through difficult times in the past. Find words that are important to you.

I’m returning to the Jenni Earle mantras. We print these words on our bandanas for more than just good reason; we print them for YOU, for us, for me. To remind us that we have the courage to be authentic. We can be brave.

be brave

be brave

Now is the time to remind yourself to be brave. You are stronger than may feel in a low moment. Our ‘be brave’ bandana will help you carry your courage close. Whether you are protesting, on the front lines of COVID relief, or just making it through every day while you work at home with three kids – you have the courage to make it through this. We can make it through 2020, no matter what else the year throws at us. [psst: our ‘be brave’ bandana is offered for a limited time in rainbow! And, Dye your own color! Check out all the colors.

chin up buttercup

This is a southern phrase for sure. To some of y’all it may be unfamiliar, and even sound a bit trite. But bless your heart you ought to know what it means to keep your chin up. Tilt your head and lift your eyes to the sky, and keep your eye on your goal. The ‘chin up buttercup’ bandana is also there to remind you to raise your head high when you need to drown out the noise around you and ignore the critical thoughts of others.

all y’all

all yall

My personal new goal for 2020 is to make everyone I encounter feel included, welcomed and validated. We are ALL human, every. single. one. No matter our age, home country, color, sexual orientation, job choice, or political opinions. At the end of the day, at the end of 2020, and at the end of our lives we are human through and through. Jenni designed the ‘all y’all’ bandana to remind us of our human community. Y’all is another southern-ism but it’s pretty clear: all of you all are all of us. We are all one and we love ya.

We’re here for you, trailblazers! Check back weekly for new stories, thoughts and bandana-related inspirations. Our team members working on our instagram and facebook are doing a great job putting out positive, encouraging stuff for you every day, too.

be brave
keep your chin up all y’all


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