5 bandana wearing characters & celebrities

5 bandana wearing characters & celebrities

Bandanas are a classic look. Here are some characters, celebrities, and a bonus pet that wear our favorite wardrobe accessory.

John B from Outer Banks

There's a new show on Netflix and it makes us extra proud to be North Carolinians. The show is centered around John Booker Rutledge, a working class guy in a small town in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. John B has a group of friends that work on the islands and try to have as much fun as possible. Check out the show to see more of the mystery [buried pirate treasure?!].

What we want to point it out John B's bandana. People are absolutely loving the look, and we can't blame them. The best part is, he wears it as a talisman: to give him luck, and remain connected to his missing father.

[photo from usmagazine.com]

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie is absolutely iconic. She represents all the women that stepped up (or finally got the opportunity they'd been dreaming of) to work in factories and shipyards during WWII. Norman Rockwell's cover image for the May 29, 1943 edition of the Saturday Evening Post was the first image to use the name 'Rosie'. She looks so dang tough, so of course she's rocking a bandana.


Willie Nelson

[photo from today.com]

What a guy. He pulls off bandanas and braids, at the same time. He's one of our favorite country & blues singer, and not just because he reps a bandana most of the time. What we wouldn't give for him to wear a Jenni Earle bandana during a concert.

[photo from vinyl me, please]

John Wayne

I grew up watching western movies in my grandparents' living room. John Wayne and my grandfather are closely related in my childhood memories. John [his character] is a man of honor, who keeps his word, is respectful of women and - though a bit emotionally distant - is always there for you. And when it's time for John to have some rough-n-tumble times, shootouts and crazy cowboy stuff, you can bet he's wearing a bandana. [read about cowboys and the history of bandanas].

[photos from LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images]

Jennifer Lopez

Or for you fans out there, J.Lo! Back in 2000, at the MTV music awards, J.Lo rocked a bandana. She looked so badass. The outfit as a whole is a bit of a time travel back to the 2000's, but a bandana is timeless. For real.

[photo from Good Morning America]
[photo from Pinterest]


bonus! don't forget your dog

[image from tvtropes.com]

The Secret Life of Pets 2 contains a bandana wearing dog; well, all the characters are animals. His name is Rooster (voiced by Harrison Ford) and he's always sporting a red polka dot bandana (which reminds me of Rosie the Riveter). He's a fan of tough love but has moments of softness. At one point in the movie, he gives his bandana to the protagonist puppy, Max. Bandanas are powerful talismans when we give them meaning. Do you have a friend that needs some bravery?

[feature photo from fandom]
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