5 summer fun essentials

5 summer fun essentials

summer fun essentials 

A few weeks ago we shared with you summer travel essentials [LINK to post) and yes traveling is fun, but we thought that a list dedicated to the fun times of this season was a good idea. However you are spending your time, this list will add to the memories. 

  1. bubbles

When was the last time you sat outside and blew bubbles? For most of us this is a classic childhood memory, but we’re convinced that it needs to be added to all the fun times, even for grown-ups. This time of year you can find bottles of bubbles in grocery stores, convenience stores, or that dinky general store near the campground. Bubbles at a cookout are a delightful distraction while you wait for burgers and veggies. De-stress during your lunch break at work—seriously!—the calm, floating orbs can be fun, but also calming. Our favorite idea is to combine bubbles with item #3 on the list and see what you can capture on camera. 

  1. playing cards

I grew up playing card games with my family but now I can’t remember the last time I played. A theme of this list seems to be the fun of childhood! Playing cards can bring fun to so many people and place: a long car drive, passing the time during a hot, quiet afternoon on the porch, waiting for the burgers and veggies to finish at a cookout while other silly people blow bubbles, a fun activity to lighten up awkward family reunions. Our playing cards feature hand-drawn designs so that your fun times can look authentically good. 

  1. disposable camera

Yet another thing from my childhood (partially because digital cameras were very new when I was young…) but a fun thing that I revived recently at a friend’s birthday party weekend at a lake house. Yes, we all have devices that can take as many photos as our hearts desire and we can post them to social media, BUT there is so much fun in the delayed satisfaction, and unpredictability of a disposable camera. Not to say y’all aren’t smart but here’s a quick run-down: you buy a camera at a store that uses film, so when you take pics you have no idea what the picture looks like, then you send it off to get developed and boom, a week or two later you’ve got printed memories. It is such a delight to relive parties, picnics, and summer trips through a stack of photos (tip: the photos ended up being a birthday gift to my friend!)

  1. wild rag

Is it a shirt, is it a headscarf, is it a big bandana, is it an emergency towel for the beach? YES. Our Be Brave wild rag is fun because you will be prepared, beautiful and stylish for whatever fun times you’ve got planned. 

  1. bandana mash-up: roll the dice 

What isn’t fun about taking a chance! Buy a ‘roll the dice’ bandana from the rainbow selection of colors. To keep with the theme of childhood fun: This reminds me of going to Cookout (stellar drive-thru only burger and milkshake place in the south) when I first learned to drive. On summer nights kids hung out at Cookout because it was open late, and it has the longest list of milkshake flavors I’ve ever seen, from banana, caramel, chocolate chip cherry, to seasonal exclusives like Watermelon at the end of summer and eggnog in December. When I ordered a milkshake I used to tell the employees “surprise me!” and see what milkshake flavor they picked for me that night. Take a chance, roll the dice and try out a new color! 

To the fun times!

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