5 ways to reset (aka: cocooning)

5 ways to reset (aka: cocooning)

While nature is dormant, let’s lean into the stillness. In winter, everything rests on the surface, while action is still occurring underneath. Now is the time to reset.

Cocooning makes me think of this: of drawing oneself inward, tightly coiled inside the safety of a cozy blanket; making oneself as still as possible for meditative rest while feeling into all of the changes taking place in the innermost recesses of our minds. 

In nature, the caterpillar builds a cocoon around itself in order to transform into a butterfly. Think of this time of a year as a time to wrap yourself and prepare for transformation. A beautiful, yet gruesome detail about the caterpillar’s cocoon time is the little known fact that the caterpillar breaks down completely, into millions of cells that are not formed into anything (yet). These cells then regrow into the butterfly that emerges. The caterpillar must break down completely so she can fulfill her destiny. 

During these uncertain times, where ugly truths are bubbling up and overflowing into our days, it feels like that is the safest space to take it all in and process. This doesn’t mean hide or stick your head in the sand, but to listen and process from a place of safe curiosity, before deciding your spot in it all and moving forward in aligned action. 

I have 5 ways to reset. You can care for yourself very deeply while you delve in to the winter work of becoming the best version of yourself.


Set an intention for time to safely cocoon. This could be early morning, late evening or an all weekend marathon of rest. Listen to what you need and when.

Light a candle to signify your intention. It also represents hope, warmth and vision. If it helps, repeat your intention out loud. 


Listen to healing sounds like music at 528hz, which is called the 'love frequency'. It's been used to heal people for a long time, but now science is catching up and researching the positive effects of this frequency. It’s like a massage for your mind.


Bathe in warm water sprinkled with Epsom salt baths and soothing essential oils such as lavender. This relaxes muscles and eases tension. As an element, water is also a powerful aid in helping us release things that do not serve us. 


Enjoy a cup of ceremonial grade cacao for heart opening and comfort. Cacao is plant medicine that is so supportive and gentle. 


Practice breath-work for letting go of old, stuck emotions and patterns. We are powerful beings, and our breath alone can fuel deep change. Don’t underestimate your own inner magic. 


Journal about your new thoughts and feelings or draw them. Physically writing or drawing creates a deeper connection between your mind, body and spirit than typing. 


Take good, deep, real care of yourselves dear friends. We need your voice, your heart and your inspired action to support each other and heal our planet by creating lasting, positive change. 


be brave,


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