5 ways to tap into curiosity

5 ways to tap into curiosity

Curiosity is a flame: it sparks inspiration, and desire. What is something that you want to know more about? Do you want to learn a new language, or a new skill? Curiosity is an important force: it pushes us out of our comfort zone; it opens our mind to new information and perspectives; it drives invention and innovation. Following your curiosities is like following your gut. Do it. 


  1. Use social media for good. 

Follow an account that will teach you something new! I want to brush up on my French (I’d love to be fluent one day), but I always feel overwhelmed when I consider cracking open my old textbooks. Following social media accounts related to your curiosities is a quick way to fill your mind, slowly but surely with new information. Think about how much time you spend on your phone. What if every time that you took a break at work and scrolled through instagram or tiktok, you were watching or reading about your newest curiosity? My favorite: I found accounts that post videos of french verb conjugations!


2. Set aside time

Curiosity is not a waste of time. Curiosity is your body, mind and heart exploring. Taking time to pursue curiosity is how you tap into your potential. That deserves your time. You deserve your time. Take five minutes on your break from work. Bring a plant identification book with you on your walk, instead of your phone. Even if you are not a planner, when you feel a question blooming in your mind, feel free to take the time to try and answer it. 


3. Get an accountability partner

It’s easier to start going to the gym if you schedule time to go with a friend. Exchange the word ‘gym’ for anything. It’s easier to learn French if you schedule time to study or talk with a friend. Who else in your life might be interested in whatever it is that you are curious about? Be prepared: your accountability partner may not be someone you know. Perhaps there are classes, clubs or meetups. I know that I could find a French conversation group to attend, and while that terrifies me, I also know that a social network support is the best way to get better at a new language!


4. Don’t be afraid to pay

Maybe you are curious about what it takes to start a new business. Consider an online course, or getting a ‘how-to’ book. Do you want to try out knitting? Pull your wallet out and buy some knitting needles. These days Youtube has significantly reduced the financial commitment when it comes to satiating curiosities. That’s a great thing! As someone on a budget I really appreciate the amount of free material and information that is out there. That being said, sometimes a small financial commitment can really motivate you to tap into your curiosity and actually pursue it!


5. Talk about it. Ask questions. 

I’m not going to assume that all of your curiosities are major accomplishments like learning a new language or going to the gym three times a week. Sometimes you might just be curious about the world. We were all born as curious children; curiosity is how we learn about the world. Hopefully you’ve held onto that curiosity. Why do cicadas only emerge from the ground every 17 years? Why do certain clouds (what are the names of clouds again?) look different? Right now I’m reading a book about color (Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair). I’ve begun to ask everyone about color, and use conversations to share what I’ve learned. DId you know that the color we see on an object is actually the color is it not? Objects absorb wavelengths of light (which are how our eyes process color), so the wavelengths reflected (not absorbed) by an object are what we see. Chat up your friends. Curiosity is best in company. 


Be curious

Be brave



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