7 reasons to shop small this saturday

7 reasons to shop small this saturday

Are you shopping small this holiday season? Shop Small Saturday is on November 28th this year. Small businesses need your help now more than ever. The Covid-19 pandemic has shuttered more than 100,000 small businesses since March. The mission behind Small Business Saturday is to promote customers to shop small the Saturday after Thanksgiving (and the day after Black Friday).

This weekend is normally a big money day for businesses across the board, but this year make the choice to shop small and help out your local community and economy. 

Here are a few reasons for shopping small this year

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1. small businesses give back to the community

Shopping at a local small business puts money right back into your community, but in a meaningful way. You are supporting local jobs, people you know, or perhaps neighbors you haven't met yet (and we all can use some support right now, especially business owners).
This year, Jenni Earle is giving a portion of the sales from our limited run Ruth Bader Ginsberg bandana to the ACLU. We're also giving a portion of sales to the USPS with every order shipped and each notecard sent.

2. local makers create local jobs

We are a small team but we're a strong group of about ten people committed to putting encouraging mantras out into the world. By shopping small this Saturday, November 28th you are supporting local makers, local jobs and local people (aka: your neighbors!).
Shopping small means that you give back to people, as well as a company.

3. local owners buy local services

Jenni Earle is a domestically sourced brand. The cotton we use for our bandanas and other fabric products is sourced from the southeast, our embroidery is done locally by the Bloom Collective, and anything that needs screen printing (all of our bandanas!) is done by Machine Gun Graphics, and our letterpress needs are fulfilled by Pinecrest Printery.
Every single one of those businesses is in Winston-Salem, NC. Shopping small and supporting a local business means that you are supporting many local businesses with your purchase.

4. local establishments provide great customer service

We appreciate every one of you and we are rootin' for ya. Each time that I have to call the internet company or deal with a corporation I remember why I love supporting small businesses: the customer service is better. You all know what I'm talking about; you've spent enough time on hold listening to horrible call waiting music. Enough said.

5. small businesses create a sense of community

Founder and owner, Jenni Earle Hopkins says
the Jenni Earle gang is the greatest gang of trailblazers I have ever had the privilege to giddy up with.
Our small office in downtown Winston-Salem has a wonderful atmosphere and it has everything to do with the people sitting behind desks (or snacking, or doing yoga, or receiving reiki treatment because all that happens in our office). Recently the gang took a wellness trip together to the mountains. Building relationships, both inside and outside of the company is important to us. Shop small on Saturday and contribute to a building a beautiful community.

6. it feels good to watch neighbors and friends succeed

This company could not have begun without the help of best friends, and Jenni's mom and dad. All of those people are still a part of the team and working hard on a new website! Shopping locally means helping those around you succeed in ways that you are able to see.

7. it's about preserving the community

Jenni says,

I want to see and know I can shop at local shops and treasure local makers for as long as I live. This community of creative service providers are necessary for every town in this country to flourish on its own.

We're all going to make it through this year. You can play a part in keeping our community alive through small business Saturday on November 28th.

We hope you're ready to shop small this weekend with our coupon!

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