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June 7, 2021
bandana story: chin up buttercup
bandana story: chin up buttercup
June 7, 2021 blog, story
one of my favorite sayings from down here in the south is "chin up buttercup." I loved, and used, it so much as a teen that one of my dear friends still calls me buttercup.as i sat down to illustrate this mantra, i thought about how many seeds we have to plant to finally see one poke it’s head up through the soil, how many times we might fall and fail and get knocked around on our path to allowing ourselves to bloom authentically. what i wanted to get across is that you are not alone in that struggle, it is a human story. but you can keep trying, you can keep listening and working and planting new seeds.look closely at this design, the border is made up of a row of seeds. this represents all the different options and paths there are for us to take. an incrimentally smaller amount of those come up as buds. amazing! you’ve narrowed the path, you are listenting closely. these ideas, relationships, paths may feel right for a moment, but aren’t your truest truth.
and then...
there’s the bloom. this bliss as you step into your wholeness.make the plans, draw the sketches, plant the seeds.
and chin up buttercup, it's all within reach...