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June 7, 2021
bandana story: feel the fear
bandana story: feel the fear
June 7, 2021 blog, story, wellness

feel the fear, do it anyway

there's an old story about a phoenix rising from the ashes that we all know some version of, but here's the part that I didn't know until much later in my life. the phoenix set her OWN nest on fire. read that line again,
she set her own nest ablaze. that, my friend, is courage.she didn't know at that moment of striking the match what the outcome would be, but she refused to stay stagnant in her present situation. I can only imagine that she felt big, paralyzing amounts of fear. I bet she stood in the mirror second-guessing herself. she may have even lit a match and then blew it out a couple times.but I also imagine there was a moment when she knew what she had to do. listen for that moment, y'all. the gift was that she learned how strong she was as she pulled away from the smoke and flames and flew higher and higher and higher.we all feel fear. we all have things we know need to change. take a deep breath and think of the phoenix, then act. feel the fear, do it anyway. she showed us that we will survive the blaze of a big change, and also learn just how amazingly strong we already are.